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Difree is a text editor that won’t cause you to be distracted when you type anything important. Concentrate on writing rather than finding the proper tool. Concentrate on writing rather than finding the appropriate tool. You may quickly open it and jot down any thoughts you have, or you can write a longer, more meaningful message and share it to Facebook, Reddit, or reply to an email via Gmail. You are not sidetracked. Thanks to an uncluttered design, it’s simply You and Your writing. You don’t need to keep track of remembering to save your work. Difree automatically saves your writing. Rich text, plain text, and Markdown versions of your writing can all be copied to the clipboard. You may run Difree on any Chromium-based browser on MacOS or Windows, including Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi.

What precisely does Difree do to help? You get more focused with Difree. Our intention is to produce a peaceful and uncluttered writing environment. Difree is available to you if you want to compose a longer email via Gmail, start a discussion on Reddit, share something important on Facebook, or respond to a tweet. There are no more interruptions; all that is left is a blank page, an elegantly basic text editor, and your thoughts. Difree is also functional offline. So if you need to focus more, turn off the Internet.
⯈ You feel comfortable with Difree. A straightforward and sophisticated writing place is what we’re aiming for. Your cozy and lovely text editor is available to use on any of the millions of websites, text fields, and forms whenever you need to write something.
⭢ (Thanks, Facebook Messenger!) Gone are the days of fuzzily typed text editors and single-line writing prompts. You have all the room you need. Difree allows you to copy text as an image or as Markdown. Our objective is to develop tools that make it simple for you to export the content you are authoring. Your writing can be copied to the Clipboard in Markdown, Markdown Simplified, rich text, or as an image. You may copy-paste your Difree writing onto Gmail, Reddit, WhatsApp, or Twitter. You can write in private with Difree. We want to establish a secure and private writing environment. We have no need for what you are writing. We have no idea what you are writing or doing with your browser. We want to learn as little as possible about you. No more dishonest privacy violations. We are aware that certain websites include scripts or extensions that gather and analyze text input in text fields while seeming to be helpful. We refrain from doing so and work to stop others from doing so.

View the information we have about you by reading our privacy statement. Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any inquiries about privacy.

We need your opinion. How do you like Difree? What works well and what is missing? How can we be of further assistance to you?
Tell us by sending an email to [email protected].

Changelog More Information: https://www.getdifree.com/changelog

Minor adjustments were made to the Welcome page in version 0.6.1, which was released on September 19, 2022.

0.6.0 – 2022-09-11 # Add Add the ability to copy text as a picture

0.5.3 – 2022-07-30 # Changed
Modest adjustments to the feedback system

⭢ 0.5.2 – 2022-07-23 # 1. A feedback mechanism underwent minor adjustments.
2. Modest modifications to how Markdown syntax is interpreted
3. Modest adjustments to the Welcome page

⭢ 0.5.1 – 2022-06-22 # 1. Slight adjustments to how Markdown syntax is understood
2. Modest content alterations to the Welcome Page

⭢ 0.5.0 – 2022-06-19 # 1. Markdown now has a clipboard-copying option. 1. Modifications were made to the HTML version of the content that was copied to the clipboard.

⭢ 0.4.0 – 2022-05-15 # The feedback indicator now has a blue dot, and blockquote formatting has also been added. 1. Redesigned the feedback pop-appearance. up’s
2. Difree’s appearance has undergone minor adjustments.

⭢ 0.3.5 – 2022-04-18 # 1. Added a button to upload a picture.
2. Added a button to change the paragraph (adjust to right, center, left or justify)
3. Added the analytical events for buttons
# 1. Inter was substituted for the previous font type.
2. changed the font’s appearance 3. changed the text on the welcome page

⭢ 0.3.4 – 2022-04-10 # Added
Difree’s icon has been added to the context menu, which opens when the right mouse button is pressed. The Difree icon in the context menu opens Difree with a Note that includes the page’s title and URL.

⭢ 0.3.3 – 2022-03-07
# Changed 1. To improve the flow, changed the logic used when a new Note is created.
2. Expanded the editorial area and enhanced the design of the opened Note.
3. Refined Toggle Peak’s appearance
4. Enhancing Editor’s appearance

1. Improved the flow by changing the logic used when a new Note is added in version 0.3.2, which was released on January 28, 2022.
2. Expanded the editorial area and enhanced the design of the opened Note.
3. Refined Toggle Peak’s appearance
4. Enhancing Editor’s appearance

⭢ 0.3.2 – 2022-01-28 # 1. The “Save to Note” button has been added, enabling you to save the current content as a note and return to it later.
2. The “Toggle Peek” button allows you to access saved texts, amend them, or remove them by turning on or off the preview of saved notes.

# Changed
1. More lines between paragraphs, which will make the content easier to read.
2. More gap between paragraphs to improve readability
3. Improve button design to make them easier to read
4. Increased the memory extension’s useable capacity, making it possible to save more and longer messages.

# To make the Text Formatting Menu more readable, Heading 2 and Heading 3 styles were eliminated.

⭢ 0.3.1
We concentrated our efforts on finding a solution to the problems with running multiple instances of Difree.

⭢ 0.2.9
We concentrated our efforts on: 1. Developing a feedback solution for Difree users; and 2. Implementing a dedicated framework.
We developed a simple option for people to provide feedback or ask questions. There is a question mark button in the bottom right corner. It activates a popup where you can provide feedback when clicked.
We created Difree after changing the framework. As we have plans to offer more practical features, this will make it simpler for us to easily launch additional views in Difree.

⭢ 0.2.8
1. We concentrated our efforts on enhancing your use of Difree and learning more about how Difree functions.
2. Include a Clear button. This button allows you to delete all of the text in the editor rather than selecting it all and erasing it.
3. Add a short feature introduction to Difree when you first install it.
4. Increase statistics – We employ tracking statistics. To better Difree, we wanted to know what was working and what wasn’t.
– We track the following events: open of Difree, time spent there, clicks on the Copy, Clear, and Close buttons.
– We use Matomo to collect the data, and we have complete control over the data.
– We still don’t know what you write, and we don’t want to. We like to take the stance that “your data is none of our business.” Your data’s privacy—and remember, it’s your data, not ours!—is important to us, which is why our privacy policy is rather stringent about it. Here is a link to our privacy statement: https://www.getdifree.com/privacy-policy/

0.2.7 – Minor changes to the extension’s appearance – Add the ability to work offline

⭢ 0.2.6
1. Redesign the appearance of the extension – We enlarged the writing space – We made the extension more responsive – We changed the background and button colors of the text editor – We modified the appearance of the header menu
2. Change text style – We switched to Arial, normal, 22 pt, with 4% letter spacing and 12 pt paragraph spacing.
3. Include Full-screen mode – We included an icon to switch the text editor to Full-screen mode.
4. We added icons to the undo and redo modes.
5. Add Copy button – We included a “Copy button” that copies text to the clipboard.
6. Include a way for copying simplified formatted text to the clipboard. Text is copied in two formats: plain text and simplified rich text. Depending on where text is pasted, it either pastes as plain text or a streamlined version of rich text. When pasting text, it’s beneficial to maintain consistency in the formatting.

0.2.5: Initial release of Difree

Privacy policies What is the extension’s sole goal?
By providing a distraction-free environment and displaying an overlay with a sophisticated text editor, we hope to assist users with their writing. Storage – Justification for permission
The editor’s content is locally saved for subsequent use. We don’t have access to the information. Justification for permission — Tabs
The tabs title attribute is necessary for the extension. It serves to identify a tab that the extension has opened. As a result, we only allow one instance of Difree. Regardless of how many times you try to open Difree, we want it to do so instantly. Better autosave logic is something we can provide. Furthermore, we have no idea what tabs you open. Justification for permission – ContextMenus The addon provides the option of generating a note directly from the current page using Context Menu. The website’s name and URL are included in the notice. You get the URL and title since we need that.

Do we use remote code?
No, we don’t employ remote code.

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Difree reviews

An attractive new text editor, eager to meet my needs!

- David Hance

Hey Aleksander, Thank you for a very cool QoL text editor! Seconding the need for a dark mode! Also some other questions I've got in no particular order: 1. Does the editor copy text with markdown? Because when I tried to copy a reddit comment that I spent some time typing and then tried to paste into reddit, it didn't preserve any of the formatting. I'm using old Reddit if that helps. 2. Are there plans to add saving/drafts feature? Sometimes, I write stuff initially, but have to save for latter to either add citations/links or would have to do some research and I'd like the ability to be able to save stuff on there that I could come back to later. 3. I see buttons for adding links/images on the Difree interface screenshots on the website, but in my actual editor those buttons are absent. I checked to see if there were some options I needed to enable, but there's no options menu either. Am I doing something wrong? Or are those features not present in the current version? Thank you for an awesome extension and I hope you continue to make this even better!

- Niranjan Sathyamurthy

This is a really good extension, but I wished there was a Dark mode and a way for it to only open a small window to just take quick notes

- Paarthu Reddy

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