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DMCA Scan: Enter your source URL to search the internet for copied and stolen content.
If you manage a website or blog, you are aware of how challenging it is to track down content scrapers who take your work and publish it elsewhere. DMCA protects against this kind of plagiarism.

The DMCA is one of the most well-known and effective tools for copyright infringement, with over 862K sites trusting them. It assists you in preventing intellectual property piracy and shields you from search engine duplicate content penalties. If proven guilty, you can submit a DMCA content take-down notice, and the offending website or source will be removed in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s requirements. If you wish to safeguard your material online, it is unquestionably among the greatest plagiarism detector apps thanks to its support.

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Online content protection used on over 1.3 million websites.
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Get your stolen content removed from the internet.
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Handle takedown notices
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Protects website, images, videos, graphics and text from theftThe free version allows only 2 scans and requires you to opt for the paid scan.
Since it is the most respected authority on copyright infringement, the badges it offers let’s your visitors know that you own the rights to the content and it cannot be reproduced elsewhere-
Allows you to add watermark to images to discourage hotlinking, image theft (you can watermark millions of images in seconds).-

DMCA Scan reviews - good service at a decent price has successfully removed my copyrighted photos from scam websites, Chinese sellers, and others. They also were able to stop a few USA sellers who were using my company registered trademarks as well. The service is much less expensive than the copyright lawyer I was using previously. I recommend them. Date of experience: April 26, 2022

- Marvela 4 reviews US

Who even is this Company?? This company is a non entity with powers that should be removed immediately. They issue content takedowns with no proof from the 3rd party whatsoever. No proffesional legal entity operates in that way. They will do anything for money even if it is unlawful. They need to be stopped !!! Date of experience: November 20, 2021

- Chris Gibson 1 review GB

They take advantage of people that… They take advantage of people that don't understand copyright laws by attempting to persuade them into upgrading their plan by hundreds of dollars AFTER the purchase. Their support team is clearly outsourced and they have broken English. They failed to take down a clear violation of my copyright and will take nearly two weeks to refund by $200. Word of advice to anyone before using this service, do your own research and know your rights with copyright laws. This company will try and take advantage of your ignorance to drain hundreds of unnecessary dollars out of your pocket. Date of experience: June 09, 2021

- Shane S 2 reviews US

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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