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We are working diligently to update the app and address any issues you may be experiencing. We are just dropping in to let you know that we have heard your concerns.

Please get in touch with our Support Team if you need assistance using the app. They can assist you in resolving any problems you might encounter:

Hello, we’re here. Not another Adele joke, please. new Doodle application.

It feels like 84 years have passed. And even though some of us might still be under lockdown, we’re launching this app and opening up a completely new experience.

It’s more svelte and simpler to operate. Additionally, it is compatible with our newest product, which enables scheduling of anything. while also saving time. Therefore, even though we must apologize for the lengthy intervals between upgrades, we do hope you will take the time to download the updated app. Hello there in the app.

One app, incredibly simple scheduling for any kind of event. Simply choose the type of event you want to book, organize it, invite attendees, and let Doodle take care of the rest.

Leave the back-and-forth and no-shows behind. You can share your rolling availability and send timings for team meetings and appointments using the Doodle app. View who has reacted or reserved a time, and have us email the event information immediately following a booking. Doodle facilitates scheduling without much difficulty.


Booking Page: Link to your availability page

Group poll: Discuss times with several people and determine the time that works best for everyone.

1:1 – suggest times to meet and let the other person choose what works best.


Create your event and select from 1:1s, group polls, and Booking Pages.

Include the specifics, the venue, and video conferencing if applicable.

Set your availability or add times for 1:1 meetings and group polling.

Create your event, then invite participants via your Booking Page. They choose a time or times that work for them.


– Group polls: The fastest way to find the right time for a meeting without having access to people’s calendars.
– 1:1s: Meet on your terms: select multiple times and let participants book what fits their schedule.
– Scheduling pages: Allow customers, coworkers, and others to immediately schedule time with you. You specify when you’re available.
– No ads: Keep it professional for your participants with ad-free scheduling.
Custom branding: Delight your marketing team by putting your branding on every invite or booking page.
– Deadlines and reminders: Get the most responses or make your invites time-limited.
– Video conferencing links: Automatically add video conferencing to every booked remote meeting.
– Automatic calendar syncing: Avoid double bookings and keep your invites and booking pages always current.


– Download the app and create an account. We’ll take you to our website to do this. You can also start a trial.

– Take Doodle for a spin: Hit the create button (the + button) in the top right to create your first invite or booking page.

– Add the times or availability and details. Create then send the link to your participants.

– Is it a group poll? Make sure to close the poll after everyone has responded and we’ll email them all the details.


Make sure you leave a review. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can make it even better.


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Starter - $4.49/month
Pro - $5.99/month
Team - $30/month
No-brainer way to pick a time to meet that works for everyoneOffered more options in backgrounds
Easy, simple, highly utilitarianHard to add own fonts
Can connect with your existing calendar.Missing functionality might be adding sliders, photos, and colors to the polls to make it look really beautiful.


Doodle AG Werdstr. 21 8021 Zürich Switzerland

Doodle reviews

Love Doodle, hate the app. I clicked on the wrong time zone, and it wouldn't let me edit it because someone had already responded, and it wouldn't let me delete the response. I had to recreate the event, clicked all Saturdays, and it glitched and changed them all to Fridays. Now I'm having to completely create the event from scratch for the 3rd time. Going back to my computer and ditching the app.

- KM

I don't know what they did with the update, but the app that was once flawless is now unusable. It doesn't show the amount of people who have responded accurately, then when I got to look at my responses it literally shows nothing. I have to pull it up on my laptop which makes checking progress on the fly undoable. The app is literally not even worth using.

- Clarissa Davis

The new interface doesn't always show all the polls you created. And when it does, the dates it shows are often wrong. The dates looked correct when I was making the event, but when I checked to see what people voted for the dates were all moved one day backwards. If the app can't even schedule, what's the point of having a scheduling app?

- h allen

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