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Dyknow is the best monitoring solution for K-12 schools and districts with school-issued devices. Dyknow Classroom Management empowers teachers to defeat distractions, increase student engagement, and teach confidently with technology. With Dyknow, teachers can view all student thumbnails in real-time, block websites & apps, engage students, and review student activity history after class. Dyknow also helps K-12 Administrators and Tech Coaches get complete device usage data to identify wasted funds by measuring how school-issued devices and technology tools are actually used.

Dyknow supports Chromebook, PC, and Mac devices, and integrates directly with leading Student Information Systems for seamless implementation.

In March 2022, Dyknow joined Securly, creating an alliance between two education technology leaders dedicated to K-12 student success. Securly and Dyknow’s partnership was born out of our shared mission to help students reach their full potential through the power of technology.

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Great product to monitor students at schoolThere were multiple times over the year where I relied on Dyknow to act as a blocking software while my students were taking a quiz or a test and Dyknow failed to perform
Students are always trying to get around the system, but we have had great success correcting the issuesA lot of error messages or instances where Dyknow failed to load or quit part of the way through a class it was supposed to be monitoring
I have enjoyed using DyKnow in my classroomErrors where having Dyknow running and blocking activity on student laptops led to programs they were using refusing to let them type in text boxes
It helps me keep my students focused and on track with what we have to do for the dayIt's ineffective if not used every day
The ability to keep my students focused and free from distractionNo data is generated and accountability is not established."
Also the ability to share screens/student work with other students
I have anxiously waited for and embraced this technology since day one
I am so happy that our school district realized the importance of have such a useful tool."


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Dyknow reviews

Since my students aren't immediately with me in the classroom, this has been a great tool for redirecting students that tend to go off on a Google/YouTube-induced tangent. I use the option to send individual messages more than anything, especially when I notice a student who is supposed to be working with me playing games and video chatting with their friends. I sometimes wish I could see the look on their face when their game gets paused and the link to my virtual class automatically opens

- Hunter B. Teacher

I can keep my students on track and focused on the lesson and not playing games or communicating with others.

- Josie R. Teacher

I love being able to check in, send students personal or group messages to keep them engaged. I love that I can seew what they are doing and send them individual message to keep them on task.

- Kaylan M. Teacher

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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