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Industries: Education, Business

The straightforward and user-friendly notebook app FairNote helps you write notes, create to-do lists, and scribble down fast ideas with speed and efficiency. If your device supports biometric authentication, you can easily use that to conveniently encrypt/decrypt notes without having to enter your encryption password every time. Other useful features include the ability to organize notes using labels/tags and different colors, use reminders to better keep track of your tasks, and protect sensitive data using industry-standard encryption.

Features • Create text and checklist notes • Assign labels, tags, and colors to notes • Protect notes with AES-256 encryption; encrypted notes remain encrypted in filesystem and backups; if title and content are both present, only the content of the note gets encrypted and the title remains plaintext • Encrypt/decrypt notes individually, or in batch • Backup/restore notes using Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk, WebDAV, or Device Storage
• Directly add new notes from the notification area
A convenient way to retrieve commonly used notes is to pin them to the status bar.
Set a reminder for a note, even if it is pinned.
List or grid-based note organization
An effective text search that highlights complete and partial matches
Sorting notes by color, date, or alphabetically
Using labels to filter notes
Obtain shared texts from other applications
Widgets for sticky notes and note lists that can be configured for transparency
Batch operations, Markdown preview, individual or batch text file import and export, undo/redo capability, auto or manual save preference, search and replace, archive notes, adding a shortcut to a single note’s home screen, batch operations, individual or batch text file import and export.
Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish translations are available.

Pro features include using dark themes, recurring reminders, one-click note encryption, and biometric authentication for note encryption and decryption.

If you utilize biometric authentication, kindly keep your encryption password safe. If you forget it, you could lose access to your encrypted notes.

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Create text and checklist notes
Assign labels/tags and colors to notes
Protect notes with AES-256 encryption
Encrypted notes stay encrypted in filesystem and backups
If title and content both are present, only note's content gets encrypted and the title stays plaintext

FairNote reviews

After download & initial use, I got the pro version. Has just about every feature I could want, including widgets (and a few I didn't know about) in a note/list app. I can share notes from FairNote w/ other apps & I can be sent notes from other apps that have ability to share to FairNote. PS Pro version has two choices for dark theme--dark base theme or black (OLED) base theme!! Very satisfied with FairNote. It is the best-selling! No change in review. Excellent app.

- Woman of Spirit

Using this app since 2016 & I have never felt to use anywhere else. But now story is different. Notes randomly disappear. If1 has made a to do list of items to buy in list format & used widget to keep them on home screen for reminding, it turns into dots and into para, not listed or bulletins. Notes text limit is not known so if your text exceeds that, you lose the other part that doesn't come up. Local backup needs work to be readable on another device or OS. Need sound reminders for medicines.

- Running Rabbit Hole

Overall, I like the app and it has most of the features I'm looking for. However, there are a few features it is missing before I can fully switch to it. Needs to sync with multiple devices, I'd pay for a reasonably priced subscription even for this feature. As far as using on multiple devices I can't even enable pro on my chromebook, just tells me I already own it. If you wanted to take it even further, desktop apps, or at least a web app would be a great addition.

- A Google user

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