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Fellow is the top rated meeting management app that helps your team build great meeting habits by collaborating on agendas, sharing meeting notes, and documenting action items.

Whether in person or remote, Fellow helps your team build great meeting habits through real-time notetaking, action item tracking, and an expert-approved meeting template library.

Here’s how Fellow makes every meeting worth showing up to:

Meetings are opportunities for collaboration and discussion. In Fellow, each meeting attendee has access to the same meeting agenda to prepare in advance, take notes during the meeting in real time, and track action items. This collaborative approach transforms meetings into productive work sessions you’ll want to attend.

One-on-one meetings help managers build trust with their direct reports. With Fellow, have a dedicated space for these engaging conversations, never forget what was discussed, and build better relationships with your team

Visualize and prioritize your meeting action items, delegate tasks, and automate the follow-up. Keep the momentum going after your meeting is over.

Keep all of your meetings running smoothly with pre-built templates. You don’t need to start from scratch – browse our library of expert-approved meeting templates and apply that template directly to your next meeting note.

A healthy and strong culture starts with feedback. Give and get real-time feedback on meetings, projects, and performance through our app.

Streams are digital notepads where your team can capture ideas, goals, OKRs, and whatever else you dream up.

Connect Fellow to the tools you love to make your meeting, management, and productivity workflows better. Fellow integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack,Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana, Zapier, Google Docs, WorkDay, BambooHR, and more!

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Fellow is a useful program for scheduling meetings, writing agendas, and providing a collaborative place for those in the meeting to track what's been discussed and what action items need to be addressed following the meeting.Fellow is great for allowing to you manage a meeting's agenda, take notes during the meeting, and most importantly keep track of action itemsI really didn’t like that it automatically popped up each time after rebooting
Fellow is a very feature-rich product with a nice slick designOther than that it worked very well for me.There are so many features in Fellow that at first, it can be daunting
The new desktop app is fantastic.It works as a central repository for all the things I want to talk about with my manager and the things he'd like to address (instead of tracking meeting notes all over different notebooks).The onboarding currently in place is great but could be improved a bit


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Fellow reviews

Fellow is a system where you can queue up your thoughts for discussion with the right people which relieves your brain of using its scarce neurological RAM, and saves your co-workers time by consolidating 20 mini meetings into one temporally efficient one. If you are the type of person that is serious about your work, I would highly recommend trying out Fellow.

- Grant M. Mission Strategis

Fellow is my second brain. It helps me keep all of my one-on-ones organized, track goals for my reports, remember important details about their lives. Fellow provides helpful suggestions for those times when a one-on-one might be slower than usual and I need inspiration for areas to cover. Fellow also allows our teams to collaborate on meeting agendas in real time, keep notes for those meetings and provide accountability for follow-ups.

- Eiwe L. Director of Engineering

I love that I have everything I need to collaborate with others in one place. Particularly, the meeting agendas and that they’re linked to Google calendar events! Having recurring meetings, specifically 1:1’s separated into Streams makes it really easy to find and look back on all the things we’ve discussed. I especially enjoy the feature of carrying forward unchecked agenda or action items. The templates feature is amazing as well – having suggestions for 1:1s or feedback requests.

- Stella L. Software Development Manager

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