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An intuitive tool for creating flowcharts, mind maps, BPMN, network and server layouts, Cisco networks, Rack diagrams, and UML activity, business process, and process flow diagrams is called Flowdia.

The app was created with simplicity of use in mind. By simply choosing the start and end connection points, you can quickly join flowchart shapes. You can also quickly add new lanes to a swimlane diagram or new subtopics to a mind map diagram by selecting the “+” button from the menu of the current swimlane or mind map shape. Though they are automatically placed on the page, the mind map sub-topics can be readily adjusted as needed.

The diagram or flowchart can be exported from Flowdia in the PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG formats.

Microsoft Visio offers the ability to view exported SVG files.

Custom PNG and JPG images can be imported.

Using Flowdia, the following diagrams may be made:

– Diagram

Swimming lanes

– Mental maps


– Diagram of a network

Diagram of the AWS architecture

– Network Diagram for Cisco

– Diagram of the server layout

– Rack Schematic

Diagram of a UML class

Diagram of a UML activity

– Use Case Diagram in UML

Diagram of the UML sequence

Diagram of a business process

Procedure Flow

– Chevron Chart

Using the unique shape selector available to all BPMN shapes, you may rapidly choose and modify BPMN activity, event, and gateway kinds.

Since they are not photos, the flowchart shapes in this tool can be resized without losing quality. By applying a background color and changing the font color and size of the text, you may alter how the shapes seem.

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Flowdia Diagrams reviews

o I’ve tried many a flowchart diagramming app, and thus far this is the best I’ve come across. I purchased the full version to be able to create multiple pages and some advanced editing. Not sorry about the purchase, does what I need. It would get a full five stars if you could have the page bar visible all the time without having to click on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and not have a large part of the screen covered up by the resultant window that opens up, or at a minimum give us the ability to reposition the window as its quite obtrusive. I like that you can export to a variety of formats and can pick from a few different places to store the file and exports. Not sure why it generates a blank text file when you export a pdf, but am hoping this is a bug that gets fixed in a future update. I use an external keyboard and when editing text, the directional buttons (up, down, left, right) don’t do anything. You have to click where you want the cursor to be and you cannot reposition it using the keyboard, again hoping this gets fixed in an update. Would be nice to be able to see all pages at once, when working with multiple pages it would make life easier. Overall a great little app well worth the $10.


The actual diagram creation functionality is great. Where I ran into problems (even after buying a license) was in the export/sharing. I used a big cloud to signify, you know, “the cloud” and then put some EC2 objects in it (top layer), a connection between them with a label, and a text call out. When I went to export/share my finished diagram I discovered that only the EC2 images within the cloud were visible. No amount of fiddling would get the link, text, and call out to appear (different export options selected, for example). Eventually I deleted the cloud and just used a group boundary box, and that worked fine. Also the transparency settings didn’t overlap with the selected object underneath well and were unusable. Please fix these issues and I’ll change my rating to five stars.

- Laughfactory

I am really enjoying this app, it is easy to use and has most of the tools that I need to detail out my company’s structure and projects. I’m still learning the features, so I am sure I will enjoy it even more as I learn. My one complaint is that it does not integrate with the iPad’s ability to split screen. Since I am usually pulling info from other sources, this would be an incredibly helpful feature. I really hope that this is an easy add, because it would make all the difference in the world for my productivity.

- Megggyver

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