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Insatiable scrolling a lack of restraint? To stay focused and increase productivity, try Forest, which features the cutest focus timer!

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When you need to put your phone away and concentrate to finish your to-do list, plant a seed in Forest.

This seed will eventually develop into a tree if you maintain your focus. Your tree will wither, though, if you give in to the need to use your phone and quit the app.

You are inspired to cut back on procrastination and develop effective time management skills when you witness a blossoming forest with each tree standing in for your commitment.

Gamification and Inspiration

Grow your own own forest, with each tree symbolizing your labor, and unlock charming trees to earn rewards!

Various Focusing Modes

– Timer mode: Establish a focused period and get into the zone of work or study, or use the Pomodoro technique.
– Stopwatch mode: Start and stop whenever you like. A count-up timer is excellent for tracking habits.

Experience that is tailored

– Planting Reminder: Remind yourself to put your phone away when planting!
Motivate yourself with your favorite quotes and uplifting remarks with custom phrases!

Forest Superior

– Statistics: More illuminating data on your concentrated time can help you customize your focus practices.
– Plant Together: Maintain concentration whenever and wherever you are with your friends and family.
– Plant Actual Trees: Help the environment by planting actual trees on Earth.

Enjoy a variety of special events that are tailored for various servers and areas. Exclusive Events on Different Servers.

To develop yourself and concentrate on your life goals, DOWNLOAD Forest FREE RIGHT NOW!

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Join the conversation with us on Facebook (@Forest), Twitter (@forestapp cc), and Instagram (@forest app). Watch this space for updates and special occasions!

Another Chrome extension is available. Visit [] ( to learn more!


– Forest can be accessed on all of your Android devices while using the Pro version.
– Forest is available for download on non-Android devices only after a separate purchase.
– By checking in with the same account, your data can be synchronized between all platforms.
– Each user is only permitted to plant five actual trees due to financial restrictions.

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Easy to useLimited tree varieties
Uses a powerful affirmation methodPC browser sync is limited
Allows whitelisting of specific appsNot a true pomodoro app


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Forest reviews

I'm a senior in college and I've been using the app for 3 semesters now and I'm OBSESSED. I love how you can actually see a physical representation of your hard work, and the plants are adorable! It really helps me avoid getting distracted by my phone both while studying and doing tasks like cleaning. It doesn't completely drown you with ads either, and the few automatic ones are very short. Overall great user experience, the devs did a fantastic job!

- Davy Card

The idea of Forest is great, but there is one major flaw. Even though I fully turned on the setting that would allow the app to stop me from using other apps, it didn't work. I was tempted to scroll social media and play games instead of focus, and the app let me do that. Despite me not focusing, my tree grew fine and the data at the end of the timer showed nothing. I really hope this gets fixed because it would work great for me without the mistake.

- Aubrey Wykes

Love this app! I use it in conjunction with a physical timer, that one is more for the alarm aspect, this one really helps me not get distracted by social media. It's easy to select which apps you want to allow use, though selecting the system ones can be really tedious because of all the different system functions for one action. But, it's not a deal breaker. Would recommend to anyone looking for a satisfying reward to not letting your phone distract you while you're trying to focus.

- Alyson Bate

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