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Geckoboard is a tool for building and sharing real-time KPI dashboards.

Designed to help leaders surface live data for their team and across their organization, Geckoboard integrates directly with over 80 different tools and services to make it easy to pull in data and get a professional-looking dashboard in front of others in a matter of minutes. No coding or training required.

Users can build dashboards directly in a browser with a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface, and bring important numbers, metrics and KPIs out of lifeless reports and spreadsheets. Geckoboard aims to make key data more engaging for everyone, with visualizations that anyone can understand at a glance, and that update automatically to always stay up-to-date.

Highlight noteworthy changes in certain metrics using status indicators, which draw attention to numbers that are performing above or below expectations, and visually show goals you’re working towards, in a click.

However a team is working, Geckoboard makes sharing dashboards simpler. Copy and paste a link to a live dashboard that can be viewed in any web browser, or invite teammates to log in, view and even create their own dashboards. For regular updates, you can schedule screenshots of a dashboard to be sent via email, or posted to a Slack channel at regular intervals.

For maximum visibility, Geckoboard has ‘Send to TV’, allowing the user to pair an account with a browser on a large screen or TV, and pick which dashboards will be displayed there. It can even loop through several dashboard on one screen. It includes instructions for how to achieve this in an afternoon using affordable off the shelf hardware.

Finally, Geckoboard helps track key numbers on-the-go through a mobile devices’ browser, where dashboards, formatted for smaller screens, can be accessed.

First dashboards can be built for free for 14 days – no payment details needed.

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Essential - $39 per month
Pro - $79 per month
Scale - $559 per month
Relatively cheap for what it is Over the years the pricing has gotten more restrictive but if you are rolling your own hardware (thin clients on TVs, etc.) and you are all local in an office it is still affordable.Lots of different integrations that don't require codingPricing model has gotten more restrictive such as limiting to number of TVs, etc
From SYsAdmins monitoring AWS or VPN functions to counting website visitors and engagement data to showing CRM reporting.Clean and simple interfaceThe 'support' is bare bones, you will have to learn how to implement your solutions on your own
Automatic refreshing that is browser independent.Limited number of database connections means that we would have to pay a huge amount to keep all of our potential dashboards live at a given time.


London, England, United Kingdom

Geckoboard reviews

Definitely how the dashboards look. The information can be seen in a compelling way, which is super important considering that sometimes you need to communicate hard to understand KPIs. Dashboards are easy to create and deploy, there are some very pretty prebuilt ones. Another positive thing is how the Geckoboard Team constantly adds new data sources to increase compatibility.

- Eliel B.

Loving the software and it has bolstered company cukturebinbthebsmese that sales are seeing healthy competition. Production team is able to see their utilization and over productivity is on the up because everyone can see what is happening with their KPI live.

- Tobi C.

Very easy to use, you can add information from so many sources, and the support is extremely fast, always kind, and amazing.

- Nikolay D.

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