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Geneva is a group communication app designed for organized, ongoing conversations with all your favorite people. Join or create a “home” for your group and set up a mix of chat, forum, audio, video, and broadcast rooms for different topics.

Whether you’re aimlessly hanging with best friends, keeping your club members on the same page, or sharing opinions with peers across the country — there’s a place for everyone here.

Here are a few of the highlights:


Set up “homes” for your groups, then create “rooms” inside them for different topics or sub-groups. Rooms can be open or secret, and because everyone can adjust their notification settings for each one, people can tune into the conversations they care about and tune out the rest. There are 5 different kinds of rooms you can use…


Full-featured chat rooms with @ mentions, threaded replies, emoji reactions, GIFs, attachments, polls, events, pins, typing indicators, and more…


These post-style rooms are more organized than chat rooms, making them great for announcements and deeper discussion. Create long-form posts with rich formatting, comment and react, and sort and filter the room by most recent, most popular, and more…


If you’d rather talk than type and read, you can create an audio room in your home and jump in with a tap whenever the mood strikes. Think of it like a big group phone call, but way easier.


Hop in a video room and hang out with up to 16 people at once. With screensharing built in, these are great for small events and more casual get-togethers.


Go live on video with up to 9 people on stage and thousands of viewers to call on-air. Use these for things like chapter meetings, casual panels, DIY tutorials, live-reacts, and more…


Because sometimes you just want to start a private side convo.


With event invites and a centralized calendar, it’s easy to share info, gather RSVPs, and get reminders to hop on. Events can take place right in your Geneva home, IRL, or anywhere else online.


Use gates to control access to your Geneva home. Our built-in new member questionnaire helps you gather info about potential members and decide if they’re a good fit — no need to use a separate survey tool. Age, nickname, entry fee, and more gates coming soon.


Set up roles to control who can and can’t do things like invite other people, create rooms, moderate messages, and more…


Ever. Instead, we’re building a bunch of exciting features that’ll make it really easy for people on Geneva to transact with one another, and when that happens, we’ll keep 5% (more info on this coming soon).


Because everyone signs up with a phone number, not an email address, blocks and bans are easier to enforce so there’s less room for trolling and abuse (but don’t worry, we won’t share or display your phone number anywhere). We also give you the ability to set your home’s rules and tools to help you enforce them.


Geneva is great for all kinds of social groups: friends & families, school clubs, sports teams, movements, fraternities and sororities, creators & fans, coaches & students, professional networks, brand communities, interest groups, and more…

And this is just the beginning:

We’re working together to build something that’s fun, safe and useful, and we’ll be adding new features all the time. If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback, drop us a note at [email protected]

Made with love in New York City and beyond.

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Sir Richard Branson


Pros Cons
Easy to navigate and use UI No search bar for groups
Lots of useful community management features No integration with third party apps like Trello and Outlook calendar
Simple Can't make reoccuring events


71 Mercer Street New York, NY 10012

Geneva reviews

If you run an online community and are frustrated with Slack’s pricing model and Discord’s lack of features, check out Geneva. Chat, posts, video, audio, and moderator tools that are actually useable. It’s free, and supposedly will stay free. Great work @geneva

- David Daniel

With @geneva we’re providing our #outofofficenetwork community a space to reconnect and expand the conversation after our virtual gatherings ✨ if you’re a community builder and looking for an intimate space for your community to come together, I can highly recommend it!

- Alice Katter

Been using Geneva to keep in touch with my friend group for awhile now - been a breathe of fresh air really compared to other group messaging apps we had tried before. Looking forward to what's to come!

- Jared Madfes

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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