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A thoughtfully created self-care tool to assist you in concentrating on your mental health is the Gratitude app.

The app Gratitude gives you all the tools and reminders you need to be motivated and establish a healthy self-love routine in your life, including a gratitude notebook, affirmations, a vision board, and daily motivational content.

It is crucial for us to have good mental health and a strong sense of self-love if we want to live happy and full lives.

Additionally, you may rest easy knowing that your private diary entries, affirmations, and vision board are kept on the app just for you since it is 100% private.

The following are the resources you may discover in the Gratitude app:

The Gratefulness Journal

A diary or thankfulness journal helps you see all the little blessings in your life.

In daily life, it’s easy to lose sight of the blessings we have, but by maintaining a journal, you may gradually change your perspective to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life.

The Gratitude app will deliver you prompt-accompanied reminders to assist you in developing the habit of journaling.

You may also access hundreds of journal prompts, add images to your entries, and start a streak of gratitude journals.


Affirmations are undoubtedly something you’ve heard about if you’ve heard of manifestation or the law of attraction.

Daily affirmations help us talk to ourselves in a way that is more loving and compassionate to ourselves.

They provide us with the inspiration we require to keep advancing and have faith in ourselves.

You can read or listen to hundreds of affirmations on the Gratitude app depending on your needs.

You can also record your voice, add music, and write your own affirmations.

With this affirmations software, it’s incredibly simple for you to use one of the world’s most well-liked tools: positive affirmations.


A vision board, sometimes referred to as a dream board, is another incredibly well-liked manifestation technique. Your dreams and goals are represented on your vision board as a mosaic of images, sayings, and affirmations.

With the aid of sections, goal suggestions, and a music-driven movie of all your goals, the Gratitude app will assist you in creating a fantastic vision board. Additionally, you can create several vision boards!


As you establish a healthy routine using these self-help tools, we recognize the importance of inspiration and motivation, which is why Daily Zen is a significant component of the program.

You can find inspirational quotations, thought-provoking statements, thank-you notes, affirmations, blog posts, and real-world examples of people who used gratitude to shift their perspective here.


The amount of time you spend using the Gratitude app counts as one of your Mindful Minutes. The Apple Health app’s ‘All Health Data’ section is where you can find the thoughtful minutes. The health app’s data is not currently read by the app. Without your permission, we don’t enter any data in the health app. In the Gratitude app’s profile & settings, you can enable the thoughtful minutes.

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Gratitude reviews

This app will eventually cost you $29.99 yearly after a seven day trial period. The journaling and prompts are free, all with affirmations and praise for good work, but if you want to listen to podcasts, or educate yourself with it's many categories of self-help, you have to pay the $29.99/yearly fee charged to your credit card before the free trial. I benefited overall from this app a lot. I don't know if it's worth so much money , but I may benefit more from just paying. Overall, amazing app!

- Sandra Locke

I'm not sure when it occurred but it looks like the ability to back up the journal to Google Drive has been removed from the free version. A nag screen keeps telling me to subscribe or risk losing my long-established journal. This is an unexpected & disappointing turn. I've been using Gratitude practically since its creation & have never had a problem. I've recommended the app to countless others. Prior to now, I've never had concerns about the app's reliability nor stability. That has changed.

- Geri Mars

Gerat App. So much to learn and so much given so that any journey you are on can be followed and supported. The journal is so easy to use and opens quickly. Wonderful words of encouragement and gratitude are given in different ways through the extensive menu of choices. Have not used much of any of it but really like that it is all there to look through in my own time. Wishing you well and calm and happiness. In graditude.

- Sage Sterling

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