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With the help of retro RPG components, the free habit-building and productivity tool Habitica will make your duties and objectives more enjoyable.
Use Habitica to support your ADHD, self-care, New Year’s resolutions, housework, job, creative endeavors, fitness objectives, back-to-school routines, and more!
How it functions
Make an avatar, then add any jobs, projects, or objectives you want to work on. Check off your real-world accomplishments in the app to earn gold, experience, and usable in-game stuff!
Features: Tasks that repeat themselves automatically and are scheduled for your daily, weekly, or monthly routines Flexible habit tracker for actions you want to perform frequently or infrequently For things that only need to be completed once, use the traditional to-do list You can quickly assess your progress thanks to activities that are color coded with streak counters. Lots of collectible stuff and pets to suit your particular style; leveling system to show your overall success
• Avatars can be fully customized, including wheelchairs, skin tones, hairstyles, and more.
• Regular content updates and seasonal activities to keep things interesting Parties let you collaborate with friends for added accountability and take on formidable enemies by completing tasks Challenges offer shared task lists you can add to your personal tasks Guilds let you connect with people who share your interests and goals Widgets and reminders to help you stay on track Customizable color themes with dark and light mode Syncing across devices Version 4.0 of the brand-new WearOS watch app is now available!

A tiny team of volunteers improve Habitica, an open-source application, by adding pixel art, translating it, fixing bugs, and other things. Reach out if you want to contribute!
We value transparency, privacy, and community. We don’t sell your personal information to any parties, and your assignments are confidential.
Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any inquiries. Additionally, if you like our software, please consider leaving a review for us.

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Simple but charming graphics draw you into the worldOffers less features for to do lists than some of the more traditional time management apps
A wide range of customization opens let you build an avatar that reflects youSome of the more interesting elements don't unlock until higher levels
The player-driven approach allows you to design a schedule catered to your specific lifestyleSystem for adding to-dos can be unwieldy and less effective than regularly recurring activities


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habitica reviews

It's useful and it's fun, I haven't seen an add in the weeks I have been using it so far. It was time consuming to set up all my tasks but once set up it's great. The only issue I have is with the glitches, when I first go to check things off it moves the list around and checks off the wrong tasks but it's easy to fix, just annoying that it happens every single day.

- Mary Blackberry

One of the first and remains one of the best. Turns your to-do list into an RPG. You earn items, pets, and customization options. It's fun to join friends in parties and attack bosses together, then dress yourself like a fish. Uses more negative reinforcement, which i don't care for, but there are ways to mitigate the effect because everything is so customizable. Endgame is frustrating because upward growth becomes stymied after a while, but character can be reset, and updates are constant.

- Rachel Kaelin

Just downloaded yesterday, so far so good. I just wish I could customize the date options a bit more. For example, I would like to do a task 2-3 times a week, and the only way I can currently put it into the habit tracker is by selecting the specific days to do the task on, which isn't realistic for me. I'm also using this for cleaning tasks, one I'd like to do biweekly, which also isn't an option currently. Overall really cute app that's very motivating for self care and chores.

- Cody Harold

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