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InVision Studio is considered as one of the excellent prototyping software in the market. With this great software, you can create fascinating prototypes, speed up your workflow, communicate your designs to the crew, square away queries, and design changes before the stage of development.

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Inspect tool is great for giving to developers and asking them to pick colours, spacings etc from a designSome basic functionality such as fixed background images would be useful to convey how some designs should work
There are also prototype functionalities which are very usefulOne major challenge is that InVision doesn't allow you to create designs
My team has been extensively using InVision app to create interactive mockups and share it with clients/business stakeholders to gather their feedback.I find this software so clunky and slow.


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InVision Studio reviews

"The best prototyping tool I have ever worked with." What do you like best about InVision? InVision is an excellent tool for developing user interfaces based on feedback, specifications, and collaboration. It allows me to communicate with my clients and coworkers in real time. I may also test how my app prototype works or will operate on my phone. The degree of detail that can be specified is truly limitless; we use InVision fairly frequently when revamping the user interface for website modernization projects, and what we enjoy about having this tool is that it is valuable to all members, whether they are designers, testers, or developers. Images are the most effective method to convey a concept, and this tool helps us to everyone be on the same page about the end aim. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about InVision? One disadvantage is that going between modes, demo mode to prototype mode, requires too many clicks. It would be fantastic to have a responsive UI option that automatically resizes/scales desktop layouts to match mobile view. The screen size of my app layout, as well as the navigation size of the link they provide me to check on my phone, are not optimal. It is not dependent on the size of my phone, yet I must design my app to fit the size of my phone. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering InVision: We strongly advise you to test it on your whole process, how your colleagues and clients will engage with it, and how InVision will integrate into your regular job. It's also an amazing experience in wireframing; the teamwork is flawless, and I haven't seen anything like it in any other program. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is InVision solving and how is that benefiting you? The main issue we're addressing with this solution is that cross-functional team members can acquire the information they need to be successful in their respective tasks. I'm currently developing an application, and the benefits include saving time and effort as well as making my job easier; UX/UI designers can create prototypes, developers can find the exact specifications they need to follow, and testers can use those specifications to understand what they're testing. We can also display these prototypes to consumers early in the development phase and collect their opinion, allowing us to swiftly adjust the design depending on their feedback. Because the complete strategy has been spelled out, this tool has helped us eliminate confusion and limit the number of meetings we require.

- Marilyn S.

"Excellent tool with good integrations to design software for prototyping." What do you like best about InVision? I like experimenting and collaborating with my coworkers, and I've discovered that using InVision Inspection makes it simpler to communicate concepts to developers. Our team surely works better as a result of this platform; you can also add features such as name, address, object generator, and picture production. It's wonderful that prototype hotspots are easy to use and have lovely default animations. Also, because many mobile designs are stored on a device by default, there is no need to include device templates in design files, resulting in decreased file sizes and simpler sharing. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about InVision? I dislike how difficult it is to update design files after a project has already been formed; you must be extremely cautious to choose the specific files that changed, when on other platforms, such as Adobe XD Prototypes, you simply click a button and done. One thing I didn't enjoy about inVision was the extremely hefty monthly pricing. Rather than searching for instructions in a separate area of the website, I'd like to see more tutorials in the applications or on the mobile app. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering InVision: Many modeling tools, like as drawing and Photoshop, are supported by a good app prototype platform. Craft is an excellent plugin. InVision, I believe, provides an all-in-one solution. If you're working on your designs in Sketch or Photoshop, check out InVision plugins to make design modifications a breeze. Please keep in mind that there is currently no connectivity with Adobe XD or Figma. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is InVision solving and how is that benefiting you? Every design-to-production coordination difficulty our team has had in the past has been addressed through InVision. Prototypes are easier to share with developers or reviewers. InVision bridges the gap between client and designer in terms of feedback gathering, information transfer, and contact. We are required to demonstrate interaction behaviors to them as we create web pages or applications, therefore we upload JPG files and link them with access points to interact and test them before sharing them with my colleagues. InVision is a fantastic method to display these concepts with a simple way to share them, in my opinion.

- Emiliano M.

"Collaboration and communication tool for creative design." What do you like best about InVision? I enjoy how easy it is to create hotspots using this tool, and I plan to transfer all of my ideas and drawings into InVision. It's also simple to add notes/comments to the screens I want to enhance, which helps me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I believe it is an excellent program that provides the materials required to develop a successful corporate image. It is superb program with all of the required resources. It inspires me to develop even more artistic ideas, which InVision makes so simple. It improves commercial opportunities by giving the company a more sleeker and modern look. Anything may be customized to meet your individual requirements. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about InVision? Normally, InVision is extremely sluggish, and integrating other applications is nearly always problematic. There are also significant file upload difficulties. The interface features a graphical user interface, which is both annoying and difficult to manage. It is also quite sluggish the most of the time. Most of the applicants have issues with the choice to include them. It is also unable to upload very huge files. It's also a little annoying because it's harder to abuse. Concerning the prototypes, I just do not like the device's meager features. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering InVision: The program is one of the finest for concept sharing. InVision has a lot of potential to create business outcomes. If you are uploading huge files, I recommend that you do so manually. InVision is unquestionably the best approach to deal in a variety of business industries. It's not as excellent as a drawing, and it's not as specialized. It is very straightforward to integrate, and the support crew is really helpful during the integration process. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is InVision solving and how is that benefiting you? Now it appears like my clients sharing the logos are having a good time. I create high-tech templates to convey the merchandise's future to potential customers and stakeholders. This manner, I may escape the burden of having a finished project while starting a model in a short amount of time. With this program, we can also create a broad selection of very artistic designs. Sharing prototypes is now much more appealing to my clients. There were several benefits. InVision creates prototypes for users, managers, and other people of the company to exchange information. Furthermore, it is the sole approach for writing and final flows that our website and mobile developers employ.

- Thomas B.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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