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Journal it! is a life companion that includes a diary, bullet journal, planner, calendar, habit builder, mood tracker, notes, tasks, and everything tracker in one app. With simple cloud backup and the choice of end-to-end encryption, your data is always secure.


– Automatic device synchronization (iOS, iPadOS, Web,…)

– Inline photographs, comments, the location, stylized text, layouts, and rich entries are…

– Use time blocking and day themes to organize your day.

– Use Timer to keep track of how much time you spend on a task.

– Use habit trackers to establish new routines.

– Use Tracker to keep track of everything and use charts to display outcomes.

– Use lists and notes to save critical information

– Maintain good organization in your notebook by including trips, events, people, tags, places,…

– Mood tracker with custom feelings and 5 levels of moods

– Integration with Google Calendar

– Dark tone

– Practical widgets for the home screen

– Statistics for the past week, month, and year.

– Recall previous recollections from the notification

– Support offline use; sync automatically with network access

– Password, fingerprint, or face recognition locking

– Encourage end-to-end encryption

export to zip or pdf

– Assistance in transferring from Day One Journal and Journey

– No advertisements


The purpose of Journal it! is to serve as a hub for all facets of your private life. You can use a variety of tools, such as chores, habits, notes, lists, mood trackers, trackers, templates, statistics, and more, in addition to storing your priceless memories, to organize your days, set goals, create new habits, comprehend your emotions, and more is on the way.


You can divide your day into time blocks by using time blocking (also known as time boxing, task batching, or day theming). A specific task, or combination of tasks, is completed in each block, and only those particular tasks. You won’t have to decide what to concentrate on during the day anymore thanks to this.


The only journaling-specific app with organization features that make it simple to maintain context. There are six ways to organize information: activities, tags, categories, people, and locations; journeys (stories, ambitions, etc.); and routines, hobbies, and activities. Each entry may be simultaneously arranged into several different organizational schemes. There is no requirement for separate journals for each subject while maintaining a tidy arrangement.


Doit Apps values your privacy while maintaining a frictionless user experience. Your text data is safely stored in the cloud so that it may be used on various devices and synced automatically (encrypted on transferring and storing at rest). Additionally, you can turn on end-to-end encryption to hide your data from even us.

Your images are kept on Google Drive in a secret, private folder that is only accessible by the app (more cloud storage provider options could be added in the future).


For basic usage, the software is free. Within 60 days, you can get a refund on any purchase you made without having to provide a reason or fill out a form. You can contact any of our support channels by sending the receipt.

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Monthly Subscription
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Monthly subscription
Good for scheduling and data collectionUI is still a bit clunky
Responsive developerConfusing interface
All inclusive journalLimited free version


Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia

JournalIt reviews

This is one of the most powerful data tools I have for scheduling and data collection. It is truely impressive. The latest update was a shock and is working so well. I love being able to schedule and reschedule by time block. I do wish I could have 8 slots for habits instead of 5. I also wish I could name custom colors for easier color coding. The in-tracker option for pictures is essential for tracking physical change.

- Elizabeth Kenworthy

I have begun journaling multiple times throughout my life and never stuck with it. This app has changed that. I use it daily, most days more than once. It's UI is still a bit clunky, but the developer is exceedingly responsive when contacted. There is already so much to like about this app and it gains noticeable improvements with every update.

- Jerome S

This app is probably the best if you're looking for something all inclusive ( journal, habits, Todo lists etc), but it definitely has a bit further to go before I would give it five stars. It falls short in a couple key areas. First, the overall aesthetic, layout and way of organizing is way over complicated. Second, the habits feature lacks the detailed statistics that other apps have. Third, a lack of a goals feature. ( Set a goal like lose weight and then shows percentage as you get closer)

- Sierra Cona

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20M+ downloads

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