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Kentico is a content management system (CMS) that includes content marketing and eCommerce tools with sophisticated features and functionality. It integrates with almost any back-end system and has a clean design, intuitive navigation and a flexible interface. Users can quickly access all sections of their website from one single area on the dashboard.

The built-in editor provides formatting features and the possibility of inserting images and videos directly. There are customizable forms and page templates where users can add, modify and delete any fields that aren’t the right fit for their business.

Build an online store with Kentico’s eCommerce solution including features such as a customizable checkout process, store reports, shipping and tax calculation, rule-based discounts and multiple payment methods. Kentico integrates with systems such as SalesForce and, as well as payment gateways and shipping providers.

Kentico offers real-time customer-centric marketing with a drag-and-drop interface for creating automated campaigns and modifying the flow of activities. Other online marketing features include contract tracking, lead scoring, email marketing, web analytics and social media marketing.

The platform’s responsive design capabilities ensure a consistent experience regardless of device or location with mobile-ready websites and support for multiple languages. Kentico’s translator makes adding website languages easy, with warnings for the pages that have not yet been translated or aren’t yet up to date with the default language version.

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Kentico CMS Ultimate
From $7,999
Kentico EMS
From $15,999
Very useful CMS with robust featuresTakes a while to implement features which is a bit of a pain
Useful to generate responsive content based sitesThe back-end data is a mess
Very useful for E-Commerce site to manage and maintain contents without disruption of deployments.They aren't very user friendly and can be confusing to work in.


Bedford, New Hampshire, United States

Kentico reviews

Kentico xperience the most powerful CMS tool in our organization and has been so tramendous because it has been number one in every staff's favourite tool kit. Personally i like the tool since it is easy to use even by non- technical staffs with ease learning curve. It has a very intuitive dashboard, allowing user to pin software and tool according to their use.Its flexible content management system makes content creation and management much easier. I like the the user interface and WYSIWYG interface that are very easy to learn and gain a comfort level for both technologically and non- technologically oriented staff. The UI for managing page content is very intuitive and overall has been easy for our customers to maintain. I like it integration and compatibility to work with different platforms like JS.

- Jefferson C.

Kentico happened to be my most favourite tool at work especially because it allowed me to be more creative and productive with my digital marketing efforts. The feature I like the best in Kentico is the advanced stats and the built-in reports they provided for us on each and every marketing campaign we pulled through. This gave us a proper idea on what to continue and what not to.

- Sandra S.

Kentico has enabled us to develop a number of sites and their performance and maintenance has been great. I like also the custom configuration in this application especially custom webparts and page configuration. It's aslo allow us to add custom code especially html,CSS and bootstrap.

- Koen B.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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