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If someone had told me, Helen P. Crowson, that one day, I’d own a website where I would share my wisdom and favorite quotes with keen readers — I wouldn’t have believed a single word! Yet, that has come true, and Lesson Paths is the product of my life’s work.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is the only website where you can get inspiration and motivation to live the life you’ve always wanted. However, I want to offer my readers something unique; I don’t want them to feel as if they have to “fake it until they make it.”

Here, you are the one in charge of the advice, as you’re supposed to interpret it by yourself.

That’s why I often rely on quotes from various sources. It may seem a bit silly, but movie, cartoon, and even book quotes are an incredible resource. They have always helped me see that life is full of pleasure and goodness. Now, I want to provide you with the same means to an end. Hopefully, each article here will not only inspire you but actually give you the push you need to become the best version of yourself!

There’s plenty of new articles to come, so stick around — I guarantee you’ll find something worth browsing here.

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Easy to useThe platform suffers slightly from instability and occasional glitches
Intuitive interface has appealing graphicsThere’s always ads
It wraps around the novel concept of teacher-designed lessons being "playlists."Limited topics.


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Lesson Paths reviews

My Take The content is dependent on what you put in, put in poor content and that's what you see. It's a platform only to gather content for your students and others to use. It also made my work much easier when my district changed learning management systems because I had one link to transfer instead of 5-15 for each day. It also allows you to upload your own work but be careful of copyright issues. I emailed with some questions when I first started and heard back immediately with a very helpful response. How I Use It I use this to deliver my lessons in my virtual classes and as a source of information outside of the classroom for my face to face classes. I started before the added edu and the program I now use has become lessonpaths. It's an easy way to gather all of my internet content in one place and it's much easier for the students to use. may also give quizzes for each step.

- Zena J.

LessonPaths is a blank slate, and can host content from any subject area. Though the site encourages a linear flow of resources, the structure is likely to work best for older kids in middle or high school. For teachers interested in flipping their instruction, this is an excellent place to host the lessons you want kids to study at home. A surprisingly robust set of analytical tools lets you monitor student progress and see the amount of time students spend on specific resources or activities. The level of information may be overkill for some, but those using LessonPaths to flip their classrooms or develop blended learning courses will appreciate the ability to closely monitor student use.

- Cassie S.

Both LessonPaths and Blendspace are awesome free web apps that make it a snap to combine web content and your own content into a set of organized lesson content. Different teachers may prefer one tool over the other for any number of reasons (or maybe you like to use both, to change it up from time to time!). For example, LessonPaths provides a more linear presentation, while Blendspace presents content in a more of grid layout. Which you prefer, they are both easy to use and produce impressive, slick content that's easy for students to access and consume!

- Kelly Walsh

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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