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Write in an elegant manner! Wherever you write, Lingofy produces content that is clean, simple, and consistent.
A highly customized, cutting-edge text proofreading tool called Lingofy can check for spelling, grammar, style, and proper names. Lingofy goes beyond spell-checking and verifies your material, producing error-free prose in a matter of seconds. It was created by a team of copy editors and linguists.

We don’t believe that software should limit you because everyone has different preferences for writing tools. Lingofy offers add-ons for online browsers, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Adobe InDesign. From the convenience of your own devices and favorite programs, proof your content. Whether you’re blogging using WordPress, posting on Facebook, or tweeting with Hootsuite, Lingofy’s browser extensions will give you all the proofing power you need.

professional equipment available today
Proofread your writing like an expert by checking it against the AP Stylebook or your own personal dictionary! Stop making embarrassing mistakes. The difficulties that contemporary content producers have on a daily basis are addressed by Lingofy. Although accuracy and clarity are crucial, you also want to maintain your brand and voice. Lingofy offers all the resources required to boost your writing confidence.

more than just a spell checker
Our proofreading system offers one-stop access to numerous dictionaries and style guides, whether you’re writing a press release or a sports article. You may now relax knowing that your material follows your desired spelling and style.

Work and collaborate.
Your work is constantly checked against the most recent dictionaries and style manuals thanks to Lingofy’s centralized proofing engine. Because Lingofy is cloud-based, you can proofread while you’re on the move and share style guidelines with other users.

Consistent corporate style
It can be difficult to keep everyone’s writing in line. Whether you have 2 employees or 20,000, Lingofy enables you to speak with a single voice in all communications.

a holistic approach
Lingofy has a rich API so you may integrate its potent proofing engine straight into your web CMS or editorial production system if its vast range of extensions don’t meet your needs.

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Lingofy reviews

Works about 50% of the time, with constant stalling. Furthermore, if you use Dropbox ... expect the Dropbox website to stop working as soon as you install Lingofy. Abysmal customer service that takes weeks to get back to you. Would not recommend ... but there's no other option out there for AP Style users who want a one-click checker for WordPress.

- Bryan Esler

It catches very few things in the AP style guide. The webinar on the AP website repeatedly stressed that Lingofy is better than other such tools because it can understand the full context of your writing and figure out where the errors are. The reality is that it can't even see basic diction errors (that are cataloged in the AP guide) such as further vs. farther, lay vs. lie, or hanger vs. hangar. If you give it a combined error such as "US navy", it fails to recognize that "US" should be "U.S." (in article text) and therefore fails to recognize that "navy" should be capitalized. This is the problem with just about every initialization that I tested (it got NATO correct, but not much else); if you don't happen to enter the one incorrect form that Lingofy is expecting, then it just passes your mistake. Put it all together and you really can't have any confidence that this tool has detected errors that you overlooked. In my testing, it was incapable of spotting more than 10% of the style rules in the AP guide. If these expectations had been fairly managed, I would rate the app higher, but they try to convince you that this thing really can evaluate your text and it really cannot. Also, if this app were not already five (I think) years old, I could see cutting it some slack. But at this point, promises of future improvements should probably be dismissed as unlikely to occur. Most of my testing was conducted using the Google Docs extension, but I also ran some stuff through the Chrome extension in the form of Facebook posts (I chose that after realizing that the Chrome extension could not scan a Salesforce Knowledge article, even in editor mode). In the end, I give it two stars because the customization functionality works reasonably well and nothing else I've seen offers a capability like that. It would be a promising thing except that again, I suspect nothing new is coming down the road on this. It has been released for five years and appears unchanged in that time.

- Matt White

Missed every typo on the page. Only has three dictionaries (and only one English dictionary, US). Doesn't actually do anything that I can see.

- Jason Heeris

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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