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MarathonITE makes it easy to create GUI tests. You can quickly automate your functional tests and regression tests.

MarathonITE has an open and flexible architecture based on open source projects like Marathon, Ruby and Selenium. MarathonITE makes creating, maintaining and executing automated test scripts easy. MarathonITE provides excellent ROI for your test teams.

Some of the powerful features of MarathonITE include:

Intelligent recording and replay
Flexible and configurable object map
Selenium/WebDriver bindings for Java™ applications
Support for all standard Java/Swing™, Java/Fx™ and HTML5 components
Extendable component resolvers to support 3rd party components.
A complete integrated environment with inbuilt editors, test runners
Attractive user interface based on Java/FX™
Powerful editor based on Ace
Debugging mode with breakpoints and script console debugger
Demo mode for .a quick presentation
Functional and beautiful reports based on Allure reporting framework.
Test grouping into features, stories or based on issues
Integrate with CI systems to execute regression tests
Refactoring support for modularizing tests and creating data driven tests

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1 License $ 1480 $ 1480 $ 440
2 Licenses $ 1380 $ 2760 $ 825
3 Licenses $ 1380 $ 4140 $ 1240
4 Licenses $ 1380 $ 5520 $ 1655
5 Licenses $ 1380 $ 6900 $ 2070
6 Licenses $ 1280 $ 7680 $ 2300
7 Licenses $ 1280 $ 8960 $ 2685
8 Licenses $ 1280 $ 10240 $ 3070
9 Licenses $ 1280 $ 11520 $ 3455
10 Licenses $ 1280 $ 12800 $ 3840
Easy to configure job via JSONAuthentication & authorizationLimited GUI configuration on detail attributes
Deploy job to specific group of nodes via attributes requirementBetter if there is an Advance config sectionCannot edit job configuration from GUI
REST api which can be called from anywhere in my VPC-


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Marathon Testing reviews

We chose MarathonITE to automate our regression pack and it has immensely helped reducing the regression testing from 5 day cycle to a 3 day cycle.

- Padmaja Sampath

Our entire MarathonITE test suite is in source control (TFS). With this, it is very easy to execute either part of or the entire test suite on multiple test machines in multiple environments. Between new releases of our software, I am able to press play on the test suite for a quick and thorough regression test. Following the completion of the tests, I am able to evaluate a test result report that MarathonITE builds. This report shows any individual tests that failed during execution which allows me to manually investigate why it failed. If you are looking to automate your Java/Swing application, I can attest that this tool will provide you adequate features and functionality. I am excited to see how MarathonITE’s software will improve in the near future.

- Neal M.

"Marathon as job manager" What do you like best about Marathon? Fast deployment Easy to configure job via JSON Deploy job to specific group of nodes via attributes requirement REST api which can be called from anywhere in my VPC Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Marathon? Authentication & authorization Limited GUI configuration on detail attributes. Better if there is an Advance config section Cannot edit job configuration from GUI Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Marathon: Marathon is great for internal job management Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Marathon solving and how is that benefiting you? Deployment of microservices modules. Marathon gave a good overview of availability of modules and how many instances on which the modules are being deployed on. Deployment via marathon is fast and reliable

- Trong Hieu L.

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