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To better read and comprehend your books, use the brand-new e-reader MarginNote 3.

Using effective tools for mind mapping, flashcards, book annotation, and more to help you create reading notes like never before.


Greetings from MarginNote. This software for reading and studying is very potent and works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. MarginNote will help students restructure and integrate knowledge from many perspectives so that they can memorize and understand it as appropriate. It does this by integrating the PDF/EPUB reader and numerous effective study tools.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, researcher, lawyer, or lifelong learner, you may annotate and take notes with MarginNote, organize your notes using a mindmap and an outline, connect knowledge horizontally with hashtags, and improve memory retention using flashcards.

You’ll see that MarginNote does more than just incorporate these capabilities. Instead, it expertly and thoroughly blends them, making it simpler for users to switch between tools.

New Features in MarginNote 3

* Fresh User Interface entirely reworked.

• Smoother operation and enhanced performance

* Support the Study Reading mode as well as the Document Reading mode.

* Excerpts and taking notes

* Improved support for Apple pencils and handwriting.

* PDF textbox support

* When editing note cards, support direct text-typing & sketching.

* Support Auto OCR for PDFs that have been scanned and excerpted.

* Accent & Closure

* Support strong Emphasis mode for direct emphasis on PDF and Outline.

* Support CardDeck’s automatic conversion of emphasis to Cloze.

* Assist with making flashcards for image occlusion.

Multiple Documents

* Support switching between documents using split views as well as document tabs.

(Mind Map)

* Automatically grouping new extracts by the table of contents of the document.

* Support for the new Framework display mode.

* Slide Outline & Documents in/out of Study mode with swipe/drag movements.

* Improved drag to combine, group cut/paste, etc.

* Summary

* Improved keyword presentation in search results.

* Upgraded fashions.

* The CardDeck

* View flashcards in document and mind map modes.

* Improved Anki Export: Cloze, Card styles, and Image Occlusions

* An enhanced web browser for research.

(iCloud Sync)

* Several design flaws in earlier iterations have been fixed.

* Improved performance that is more stable.

Added Categories

* Separate document, study, and review categories.

* Trash

* Recover data from the trash and secure data.

* Trial

* Free 14-day trial.

With MarginNote 2, you can:


– Support for the EPUB and PDF formats;

Taking Notes & Annotating:

– Support rectangle and text highlight;

– Directly add notes to the page margin; there will be no note editing area overlap with the text of the book;

– Text, voice, photo, drawing, and a variety of additional comment types in a note;

– Include hashtags in notes to make it easier to connect notes;

Mindmap and outline:

– Mindmap and outline in a single display;

– Using swipe motions, create an outline tree;

– Editing tools for multiple selections, such as group, merge, and clone;

– Quick color, hashtag, and book filtering and searching.


– The ability to automatically create review flashcards from highlights and notes;

– Using the Anki-based algorithm for spaced repetition;

– At any time, switch to the page of the linked book;

Apple pencil and iPad Pro:

– Multiple task split views;

– Apple pencil for precise drawing;

– Optimized for the Apple pencil;

– Shortcuts on the keyboard;

Sync, Import, and Export:

– Import websites and Evernote notes;

flashcards to Anki for export;

exporting the outline to OmniOutliner;

– Export Mindmap to MindManager or iThoughts;

exporting to Evernote

– Create a printable PDF of all the margin notes, MindManager, Outline, and Pages;

– iCloud sync for books and notes;

20M+ Downloads

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14 days Free Trial
Unlock Full
OCR Pro (Monthly)
Pros Cons
Flexible With tons of features and hard-to-follow how-to advice
Extensive features The user experience can be overwhelming and potentially off-putting
Endless options for annotating and sorting preexisting texts into usable notes.

Margin Note reviews

I’ve used 3 versions of MarginNote over the years, both on my iPads and Macs. A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t. Each time a new version comes out, I wonder if I want to spend the money and research what else is out there. Maybe I find something interesting and try it, or maybe I don’t, but I always come back. There’s just nothing else that does what MN does. A lot of the other reviews cover why I look elsewhere from time to time... the app can be inexplicably weird or counter-intuitive or just a little bit off sometimes. I can often get it to do what I need, but not without frustration. Often times, where it fails are in standard UX practices that almost every other app follows, but MN chooses to ignore those and do things its own way. I’m not a student, so I’m not making flash cards or anything like that, but I do a lot of research. I really like the ability to add multiple documents to one project. I have one with at least a couple of dozen PDFs and epubs, not small ones either, and MN doesn’t complain. There are occasional sync issues, but I’ve gotten good at backing up and—knock on wood—haven’t lost anything yet. I think if you’re only using it one system, that won’t be a factor.

- Therealironhulk

There is only one competitor app to be MarginNote's alternative and that's the Liquid Text. While their UI is much prettier and cleaner. They have just a really poor mind map experience. What I like about MarginNote in contrast with LiquidText is just how much more organized it is. In LiquidText almost any accidental touch on the mindmap ruins it. Also it's a web of what you put where ever you wish to. In MarginNote however, you have an app that organizes the mindmap into a chart with direct branches that you do not decide how to be put. It organizes the look and keeps it which is just so amazing. It just makes me more and more relaxed to be in the app vs LiquidText. And also in the LiquidText you cannot have book-free studies to just have bookmarks. But the research tool is horribly made. There is no link to the OS dictionary. Or any good offline dictionary. The UI seems horrible and has so many problems. It is just the worst part of any app I've seen. Hope that gets fixed someday. And as far as the price comes, I think it's much cheaper than LiquidText which is awesome.

- pmkary

I had used another app ‘fluid’ for reading research articles, underlining and extracting text for summary and study until they crippled this in the free version and increased price for the paid. This app is far beyond that with a superb design for reading, study, organizing spaces, excellent pdf to text extraction and linear or mind mapping ways to relate to the text extractions and your notes both within and between documents. There is a learning curve for use but much is accessible playing around as well. I will be watching videos to learn better use. I have a lot of PDFs stored in Evernote and this app can access and load from within the app. I have used on my my iPhone when my iPad was not available and it’s workable but it is much more useful on a bigger screen. I like it so much that purchased the paid version and might even cough up the larger additional fee for the MacBook version. One of the few apps that is worth the purchase price and more. Excellent!

- JimK

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