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MiMind is an effective tool for structuring your ideas, outlining plans, and communicating them to colleagues and coworkers. Create anything, from straightforward wish lists to expert engineering concepts. Numerous layouts, color schemes, forms, patterns, and other elements are available in the program. When your map is finished, you can share it or export it as a PDF, text, picture, or XML file.


– interfaces that are user-friendly, intuitive, simple to use and navigate,

– A user interface that is straightforward, adaptable, and designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

– output to numerous formats, including text, xml files, pdf, and images (jpeg/jpg, png, tga, and bitmap).

– No adverts or pop-ups, no registration needed

– many levels of logical hierarchy and multiple layout methods

– Rich text format

– Shapes, lines, and curves (square, rectangle, oval, circle, hexagon, cloud, octagon, etc.)

– backup to an internet storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive

import data from cloud storage

– Detach, duplicate, copy, and then reattach nodes

– Undo, Redo, Collapse, Zoom, Scroll, Crop, and Drag-and-Drop

– exit auto-save

– File type import for Freemind


– note-taking, scrapbooks, presentations, slides, and flash cards

– managing projects at work, home, and in businesses

It aids in maintaining concentration, setting goals, color-coding assignments, performing qualitative analysis, and creating budgets

– creative writing: fictions, speeches, novels, and summaries (summarize things)

– add memories, photographs, and audios

– Road maps that are not to scale, topological networks, and vector drawings

– Trees, including multi-layered, binary, radix, decision, and family trees

Diagrams include graphs, flow charts, abstract designs, state, data flow diagrams, and venn diagrams.

– Lists: shopping lists, to-do lists, and checklists

– Arrange vacations and getaways

Everyone can use it, whether they are a student, teacher, business owner, artist, or hobbyist.

– and much more: The sky is the limit.

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Full Version
User friendly, intuitive, easy to use/navigate, and unique interfacesDesigned as an iOS app
Simple, flexible, smartphone and tablet-optimized UIWeak trackpd support
Export to many formatsNo help tags to show what the various controls do.


12399 N Piney Lake Rd, Parker, CO 80138, U.S.A.

miMind reviews

I tried a number of different mind-map apps and the like, and this one is by far my favorite. The user interface is very well-designed, with the app being easy to learn and use without compromising its ability to map out complex ideas. I also find the look very sleek and I love how you can visualize groups of subnodes, it helps clear up the map. While mentioning that last part though, there is one missing feature that would really make this app just what I’m looking for: taking the “reattach” option when clicking on a node & modifying it to allow users to attach said node to multiple parent nodes rather than simply just one. That way, you can show how ideas or parts of an idea merge/combine to form new ones, kind of like a family tree in that sense due to there being more than one parent node for a particular subnode. Likewise, pressing the “group” option when utilizing this feature will even further show how the ideas collide by visualizing it in a Venn diagram-like fashion with the two groups converging into a common combined group. Having this ability would really optimize its organizing/mind-mapping potential and more-or-less remove any drawbacks I see in this app. So, I hope someday the developers allow users to attach nodes to multiple parent nodes and visualize this with the group feature, but I still give it five stars because it’s an excellent app and does just what it says it will.

- Awseomesnowboard

I use mind mapping when I'm going to be teaching. I downloaded the free version and was so impressed with all the features available, the user friendly interface, and the layout that I decided to support the developer and bought the paid version. There was one thing I could not figure out how to do - copy material from somewhere else into the mind map. I emailed the developer and then figured it out and sent another email letting them know I had figured it out and that I got the paid version. I still got a response thanking me for using MiMind and for upgrading to the paid version. I previously used SimpleMind and like this one much better. Not only is this a great app but the developer stand by it. A great product all the way around.

- Yahwehcomforts

As someone who has tried a lot of mind mapping applications and software, I was blown away when I used this one. It’s responsive, easy to use, and has a ton of options. The best part is you can use almost everything in the free version! Contrast that to the vast majority of other mind mapping applications that barely let you scratch the surface of their platform before requiring you to pay. Well I’ve deleted all of them. In fact, it was your generosity with the free version that made me want to buy the full version. I hope more developers will follow your lead. You’ve done a fantastic job and I urge you to continue the great work. Thanks.

- Ng1104

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