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When it comes to collaborative mind mapping, Mind Vector is by far the most popular option. Create, update, and share your own mind maps with the help of this application on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch!

Instantly accessible on your Apple Watch will be all of the maps and nodes that you have created using the built-in software.

“Creating fantastic visual clues that will urge you on to new ideas is the whole point of brainstorming sessions, and Mind Vector does a great job of achieving this,” you might say about the software. appPicker’s Opinion on It


You will find that Mind Vector is the most effective mind mapping program for all of your requirements. Mind Vector is the tool to use whether you want to record the minutes of a meeting, take notes in a classroom setting, plan a project, create a site map, or give presentations.

You are able to collect all of your ideas in one location using Mind Vector for iOS, and then transform those ideas into a plan of action. You may also view the same mind map on your Mac with Free Mind Vector Cloud, which allows you to sync and save all of your mind maps. If you do not wish to make use of the Free Cloud, the application can still be utilized on its own as a standalone program.

Highlights of the Features:

– Edit and create an endless number of mind maps and nodes

– Viewers and analyzers of maps in graphical form

– Sync your maps with your free online account quickly and easily.

– Cut, copy & paste ideas

– Tap and hold to collect your thoughts in a group.

Simply move one thought to another by dragging and dropping it.

It is possible to generate maps on their own (without online account)

– Condense and broaden the scope of your ideas

– Intelligent searching to facilitate navigation

– Undo Redo to quickly alter your maps

– Easily and immediately share maps from the device

– Support for multiple touches, including drag-and-drop, zoom, and pan

Include Symbols, Colors, Line Styles, and Themes for the Map.

– Access and make changes to the ideas’ notes, links, tasks, and attachments

– The most efficient method for organizing ideas

– Maps can be exported in the CSV, PDF, and PNG formats.

– Upload the map to your gallery or send it to yourself

– Complement the idea with pictures and graphics.

– Select a hue for the background of your choice.

– Set an image as the background of your map here.

– Move nodes from one map to another by copying them.

– The ability to import and export maps to and from iCloud, Dropbox, and Mind Vector Cloud

– Create a map in collaboration with your family, friends, or coworkers.

– Available on MAC & Web too

– Compatible with the Most Recent Version of iOS

– Superior Quality in Terms of Technical Support

– This website is offered in the following languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, German, and Japanese

You’ll have the ability to map out your thoughts at the “speed of thought” with Mind Vector. Mind Vector will make sure that you never forget a BIG IDEA, no matter how busy you are, whether you are a student or a working professional.

The best method for keeping track of your ideas is to sketch them out in the form of a mind map. You may also discuss your fantastic idea with some of your close friends or coworkers and then invent a way to turn it into a plan of action.

Your preferred tool for creating mind maps is now available as a one-time in-app purchase that grants you unrestricted access.

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MindVector Subscription
Upgrade(Unlimited Maps and Nodes + Ad Free)
MindVector Subscription
Makes collaborative mind mapping more convenient and powerfulInterface and poor arborescence possibilities
The solution is comprehensiveIt was difficult to use and not as intuitive as an application should be making it difficult to navigate
The platform has three main visualizersIt is a little bit awkward to handle and some function, especially nodes operation, is not working well.

Mind Vector reviews

I just had the scare of my life. I was in mind vector and the screen went black and I thought I just lost the last year‘s worth of work on a very detailed project. I love this app and hope it never goes away. Everything came back, I just had to navigate differently and not panic. Developers, if you see this, please know that a new feature requires me to select “get started” before I can access my work. Personally, while the new intro is clean and easy to read, even a new person shouldn’t need the new black welcome screen because the regular menu is also very simple / user friendly.

- Tanya.Davis1975

Most mind map apps that I’ve encountered force one to create their hierarchy in a left-to-right organization of levels. What I like about this one is can spread the levels out in rings, top-down, left-right, any way that’s most intuitive for you. And of course you can collapse or expand nodes as you like. The only thing I wish was a feature would be to highlight and grab multiple nodes at once, or to use pre-ordered frameworks that gives you options for arranging nodes with ideal spacings. Still my fave, but I’m open to a competitor knocking them off if this option becomes available.

- Mikeythaniel

I could actually see a change in my productivity within an hour of downloading it! I wish it had some different shapes and a bigger selection of brighter colors but....I am not complaining. This app actually does the things I need it to, the interface is really, really good, super easy. It’s as easy to delete stuff and change things as it is to add them (a problem I’ve had with other such apps). The visualizer tool is so AWESOME I’ve not seen anything like it in other mind mapping apps and I’ve tried a lot. This one is definitely worth the download

- Love Squishy

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