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There are a great number of aspects to our everyday lives. There are ideas, projects, and plans in the works. We also go to the movies and read books. Our thoughts can quickly become cluttered and overburdened with stress. It is at this point that Mindly enters the picture.

We designed Mindly with the goal of making it the most efficient tool possible for you to record, organize, and develop your thoughts. Our first goal is to help you maintain your primary goal. We were looking for a solution that would not need a lot of typing, formatting, or fiddling with the details.

Mindly is continually expanding, despite the fact that its fundamental principle has not changed. Initially, Orinally Mindful was only accessible for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), but it has since expanded to Android mobile devices (phones and tablets). The Mac version of Mindly is now available for usage as well.

We are dedicated to continuing to maintain, and even further develop, Mindly. Mindly combines the elements of work and passion.

The influence of one’s connections
The human mind functions through the formation of associations. When you hear the terms “summer” and “vacation,” your imagination immediately conjures up the image of a “summer vacation,” and it may also jog some good recollections. You can put this skill to good use and use it to your benefit.

The usage of associations is a useful strategy for effectively summarizing significant information. Coffee is really important to us here at dripgrind. Let’s have a look at a few interesting coffee facts, shall we?

Organize your inner universe
When you start using Mindly, you immediately begin organizing the mental universe that you already own. This has the potential to be a very satisfying adventure. The sense of comfort that comes as you realize that all of the things that “you need to remember” are there, in one place, and that you can go back at any time and recall what is significant.

Do you remember, if you’ve ever written a lengthier essay, how difficult it is to organize it such that the finished product is simple to read and easy to follow? This is due to the fact that our minds are not linear in nature. Our thoughts tend to wander in a non-linear fashion, with one idea leading to another as they come and go in and out of our consciousness.

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Provide some structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes, and moreLack of ability to easily synchonize with other Mind Mapping tools
Introductory mindmap is included to get you up to speed with the various featuresLack of a robust Desktop tool
Create unlimited elements with attached notes, images, and iconsHere is no pinch and zoom


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Mindly reviews

Not sure about others, but it's been very helpful for me personally and helped me declutter my mind, organize my mind, thoughts and plans. It's so helpful to see everything visually, well organized and laid out. I wish I could set alarms and reminders straight from the app. (Maybe in the future.)

- Sylvester Massey

I've used this app for mapping studying, concepts, and creative writing. It's a fun visual thinkspace. It's nice that you can add images as bubbles and link to other spots in the same mindmap. I've been using this app for a couple years, still happy :) The Text export could be better if it was a bulleted list outline. I appreciate the ways the developers have improved the sharing over the years and I look forward to more!

- Kristine Gilreath

By far the easiest and best mind mapping app available. I've used this app for years and it is absolutely essential to me on a daily basis. The only thing I wish is that there was an option to backup to Google Drive. I've lost my mind maps multiple times because I no longer use Dropbox. Everyone who downloads from the Google Play Store is going to have a Drive account, so I think that would make this app more useful to more people.

- Matthew Kandik

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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