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Don’t let your emotions dictate how you live. Take charge of it!

The mood tracker and writing software Moodnotes can help you capture your mood and develop better thinking habits. With the help of Moodnotes, you may keep track of your mood over time, avoid typical thinking pitfalls, and cultivate viewpoints that lead to greater happiness and wellbeing.

Moodnotes is based on the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology content that has been scientifically backed by researchers. It was developed by design professionals and clinical psychologists (the same people who created MoodKit). includes iCloud sync/backup and the Apple Watch app.


Moodnotes assists you in

– Monitor your mood and learn what makes it happen.

– Use the device’s camera to automatically scan your face.

– Use photos or pictures to save your memories.

– Read articles on self-awareness written by mental health professionals.

– Form better thought patterns.

– Acquire knowledge of your thinking “traps” and how to escape them.

– Decrease stress and increase your sense of wellbeing

– Adopt fresh, constructive viewpoints in situations

– Develop your sense of self

exclusively featured by Apple in the “All The Feels” tab story on the App Store Today page.


Join the Premium program to access the following features:

– Enter as many times as you like each day.

– Keep an eye on your personal data and assess your mood insights.

– Include notes to complement your mood entries.

– Access the area titled “Notable insights” to discover more about your mental state.

– Discover more full-text articles about yourself.

* When your purchase is confirmed, subscription fees will be charged to your iTunes account.

* Unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, subscriptions renew themselves and money is debited to your iTunes account. Your Subscription Plan determines how much the renewal will cost. Our regular Subscription Plans are as follows:

* Subscription for one month

(1) One-Year Subscription

* A free trial subscription will immediately convert to a paid subscription. After making a purchase, go to your Account Settings to adjust or cancel the automatic renewal of your free trial. You will be relegated to the free service and the cancellation will go into effect 24 hours after the final day of the current membership month.

* Take notice that when you buy a premium subscription during the free trial time, any unused portion of the free trial period (if offered) will be lost.

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Moodnotes Premium 1 Year
Moodnotes Premium 1 Year
Moodnotes Premium 1 Month
Mood Tracker app is secure to useMood Tracker have to add more privacy
The App is improving with timeMissing some features
Major Bug Fix with each updateSometimes slow support

Moodnotes reviews

I use Moodnotes as a mood tracker in hope of detecting patterns over time. I log moods about four times daily. I would get hopeless and irritable in the late afternoon so I began testing my blood sugar around that time and it was always low, about 80 on average. This might be normal at 4 AM not PM. I often forget to eat due to ADHD time blindness and rarely eat on schedule. The interactive emoji is helpful for quickly logging mood. Can’t think of a quicker way. Simple and brilliant. Now the problem is the app doesn’t challenge and hook the user by asking “Why” immediately post mood entry. Instead it has Add Detail as an option displayed in the same color with a white boxed line. Not as effective as it could be. I rarely choose to add detail due to avoidance and not really seeing it. There’s no nudge. Ideally it’d go: emoji, why/what’s causing/happening or skip (in smaller font) ending the session, choose feelings, check a thought (applicable CBT)...etc. The pages would change immediately post entry. Now the app would be beneficial to us by reducing mental pain quicker ad more effectively. Moodnotes has a couple of other simple flaws including translating, displaying data effectively. The colors shouldn’t blend into each other. Instead important choices should be in different colors for easier visual flow. These simple changes will increase efficacy and user usage thus more healing and yes, a better world.

- noahpictures

You see I live in a very complicated city surrounded with much complicated culture that still see mental health as a taboo subject to be highlighted out load, luckily I’ve my friend who lives in a away cities whom advised me against going to see a psychiatrist within the city i live in giving how much of sharing could get me in trouble within the authority in here, I’ve done my research read a few books and i found this app, i said to myself lets just give it a try what would i lose after all this suffering talking to a machine is still a great option at least I won’t get in trouble, I know for sure in many cases of depression and anxiety a CPT techniques might not be enough so if you have the The privilege to see a psychiatrist please go for it while using this app it might help you to recover even more faster, I had to read so much to understand my suffering am glad that many won’t have to given such great ideas still exist within our world brings hope to the depressed community around the world, to the amazing psychologists and developers to the coders whom might never understood what the hell they were coding at the first place, you ladies and gentlemen have saved lives and for mine am and always will be grateful. May the force be with you all. Thank you.

- anesign

This app is amazing for all ages. I’ve had a hard time with therapist and psychologist for years and years of trying to find one that could help me. I finally found an amazing therapist who helps me tremendously. Only, she works far from where I live so it’s hard to see her as often as I’d like. I was skeptical about downloading this app, since it’s hard for me to find something/ someone that helps change my mindset. I saw the good reviews and downloaded it. After just one journal entry, I fell in love. The questions, and strategy the app uses to help flip any negativity is professional and truly works. It reminds me of how my therapist is able to help me so well. This app truly helps you for the better whether you have a mental illness (like me) or just want to be overall more positive and understandings to yourself and feelings, just be consistent with it! I’ve noticed a change in my mood and noticed I’ve been more positive and motivated at the end of the day. Even on those really bad days, it helps. It helps just to type out how you feel, and this app helps you recognize that and why. Much worth the purchase. I’m so happy someone made this app. To the developers: I hope you know you’re helping a lot of people with this app, it’s truly great, thank you.

- Pink4ndglossy20

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