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The NetSupport School Student for Android application can be installed on Android tablets (Android 5 and above) and gives teachers the ability to connect to every student device in a NetSupport School-managed classroom (the NetSupport School Tutor application is required). This enables real-time interaction and support.

Key characteristics: – Student Register: The teacher can collect standard and/or personalized data from each student at the beginning of each lesson and use that data to build an in-depth register.

– Connecting to Students: The teacher can search for student tablets using a desktop program, or they can let students use an Android device to connect straight to the appropriate class.

– Lesson Objectives: If the teacher has provided them, pupils are shown the specifics of the current lesson, as well as the lesson’s broad objectives and the expected learning outcomes, once they are connected.

– View Student Screens: From the instructor computer, you can see a live thumbnail of every connected student tablet. To get a larger thumbnail of any chosen student, zoom in.

– Watch Mode: The educator can covertly watch any connected student tablet’s screen.

– Broadcasting Messages: The teacher can send messages to one, a group of tablets, or all of them.

– Chat: The teacher and students can both start a Chat session and take part in group conversations.

– Asking for Help: Students can subtly let the teacher know when they need help.

– In-class surveys: Teachers can ask students questions as needed to assess their understanding and knowledge. The survey questions are presented, and students are allowed to react in real-time. The teacher can then present the results to the entire class.

– Question and Answer Module: Enables the teacher to perform immediate peer and student evaluation. Ask questions aloud to the class, then choose students to respond either at random, in teams, or by going first.

– File Transfer: Teachers can send and receive files from and to one or more student tablets or numerous devices at once.

– Lock Screen: While presenting, the teacher can lock the pupils’ screens to maintain focus.

– Blank Screen: To get students’ attention, the teacher can turn off their computers.

Show Screen: Students can utilize touch-screen movements to pinch, pan, and zoom to highlight important information as needed while the teacher is speaking by projecting their desktop to linked tablets.

– Launch URLs: Remotely start one or more student tablets with a certain webpage.

– Student Rewards: Distribute “rewards” to students remotely to acknowledge exemplary work or behavior.

– WiFi/Battery Indicators: Check the wireless network’s current condition and see how much battery life each connected student device has.

– Configuration Options: Once the devices are “known,” you can push the settings out to each tablet from within the NetSupport School Tutor program, or you can pre-configure each tablet with the necessary classroom connectivity settings.

If you’re new to NetSupport School, you must install the matching teacher app in order to utilize this product. This app is accessible for Android users from this App Store, and it is also available for users of other platforms via our website,

Note: Existing NetSupport School licenses are compatible with the NetSupport School Student for Android (if there are sufficient unused licences).

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Facilitates the development of the classesInstall without a domain is a little tricky
Designed by a teacher for teachersTakes time to figure out the interface
Teachers have complete control of the student screensRestriction of communication because it depends on a local network


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NetSupport School Tutor reviews

When i open the app to test does work and guess what.It does not work.The app is keep closeing by it self.Please fix this.I need this

- Justin Nowak

The ability to view Student screens is great and really enjoy using the Q&A tool to encourage lesson participation by all students.

- A Google User

Another great addition to the NSS range of supported platforms that make the idea of tablets in education even more accessible.

- A Google User

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