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While finishing your first manuscript, The Novel Factory offers assistance to beginning novelists. To assist authors of all levels of experience save time and gain a better understanding of both the broad picture and the fine details, it also includes a ton of helpful templates, resources, and interactive features.

The Book Factory founder Katja Kaine will take you through the program live and answer your questions so you can decide if it is the right novel planning tool for you.

Today, we’re going to take a look at The Novel Factory, one of our favorite apps for writing novels.

This ground-breaking program provides you with the framework you need to develop your novel in a logical manner. (Great news for us planners.)

The Novel Factory has a ton of helpful resources for authors, such story templates, character quizzes, and plot development tools, yet there isn’t a steep learning curve thanks to its clear, straightforward layout.

We’ll discuss The Novel Factory’s primary features in this post to help you choose whether it would be beneficial for you.

The Novel Factory is unquestionably the place for you if you like crafting intricate characters and investigating their inner and outward values as well as examining the senses and specifics of your settings.

The Novel Factory, at its core, is a technique to conveniently keep track of all the intricate information related to a novel so you are not continually rummaging through drawers or leafing through notebooks, with its specific areas for plotting, characters, locations, and even items.

new authors
The Novel Writing Roadmap, however, is yet another significant element geared toward aspiring authors.

In essence, this is a step-by-step manual on how to write a novel, showing you how to take your initial concept and convert it into a strong premise, then how to develop it into an engaging storyline, establish your cast of characters, and finally, how to put it all together into a polished manuscript.

It is practice and theory combined since you use the processes as you write your novel.

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Basic- $75/year
Standard- $198/year, Preimium- $600/year
The software has made it pretty easy to fill in the forms provided thanks to the roadmapAdding the scenes and subplots–while very cool– but too complicated
Contains fantastic series of guiding videosThere’s a disconnect between the desktop app and the online version
Has an entire ‘Characters’ section set asideThe online version of the software is, well, online, and that means if you have no internet connection, you can’t work

Novel Factory reviews

The only cons to The Novel Factory are, that it’s primarily built for fiction authors. If you write nonfiction, you will likely get very little out of most of the downloadable templates. Overall using this software could help you become a more efficient writer, while gaining great clarity on your book. There is certainly enough content and downloadables to justify the price ten times over.

- Scott Allan

As someone who’s just begun experimenting with fiction writing myself, I found all the guidance and resources extremely helpful, as they broke down what could be an intimidating and overwhelming process into manageable steps. It’s also nice to have all your notes and drafts in one place.

- Kaelyn Barron

If you are new to writing a novel, this is a great software. The road map is extremely helpful, as well as the templates and videos. All you need to do is focus on writing your novel!


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