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Industries: Education, Business

Make notes about websites so you can quickly access them when you return to them. (Connects with Google Drive)
Ever have to jot down information from a website, such as a login ID, frequent flyer number, membership number, tracking id, etc. When you revisit that page, something you should keep in mind.

This and other things can be done efficiently with Page Notes. You can be free from the smartphone if your notes are stored in the cloud. You can encrypt your notes if you want an added layer of security. Data stays in your browser and on Google Drive. There’s more. Full features are listed here.

Users’ opinions of it, as seen by user reviews:

“Page Notes caught my eye while I was searching for a Push to Google Keep plugin. Note context mapping benefits considerably more from this. The finest things are straightforward: url + note Perfect! ”

“That which I want exactly. super-small extension”

“Straightforward and fulfills its purpose! What I required, exactly.”


With a simple click, take and access your notes. (New) Use an obscure passphrase to encrypt your note. Password storage is not used for unencrypted notes.
* There is an option to add website-level page remarks. All pages of the website have notes at the website level available. To the cloud, sync your notes (Google Drive). If you lose your local data for some reason, there won’t be any data loss. For ease of searching through your notes, all of them are accessible on a single page. Filter notes by tags on the page that lists all of your notes. By prefixing a term with “#,” tags are added to notes.
* If a “note” is provided for a website, the browser icon’s color will change. The sync to cloud capability allows several PCs to remain in sync. There is nobody to rely on. Data is kept with the user; it may be saved on the browser or in the Google Account of the user.

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Page Notes reviews

Amazing. The only feature that this is missing is the ability to have the choice of making the note "pop up" if there is 1 in the website. I want the note to pop up when there is 1 in a specific URL, not having to click on it to see the note every time.

- Cristian Algorta

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for making this! My only feature request would be an option to make it much more apparent when a page has a note (for example the note pop-up could open automatically, if Chrome allows that)—otherwise I'm likely to forget I left a note.

- Harold Cooper

Great little notepad. so simple and swift, unlike other notepads, waiting for it to load just never happens... click it and it's there and ready for input (ok, you do have to hit the edit button if a note already exists for the page/domain ). After trying 5 different notepads (of the sticky type) I came back to Page Notes because sticky just isn't worth the lag. the only three improvements I would suggest are: Give it the option to pop out and pin to the foreground because it blocks a portion of the screen and disappears when you click outside of the window (which is the one advantage sticky-type note extensions has over Page Notes & why I tried so many), the ability to quickly cut and paste into it would make using it more nimble. Add the option to save a Template. Along with it being pop-outable from it's fixed location, it is also a fixed width... having a couple of presets that could be tailored to the perfect height and width for the note's you keep would save the time it takes to get the right balance of info and whitespace when the section you've copied is wider than the note's limit. Add the ability to make a highlighted area that can act as a "cell" that could be referenced by google sheets (maybe through the "forms"), Making it so you could take notes on a bunch of pages and have the important data self populate as an append entry on a spreadsheet would be awesome.

- Malcalypse Rose

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