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To give teachers and students a simple approach to assure academic integrity, has integrated with Google Classroom.
A quick and efficient approach to compare Google Classroom entries for similarities.

To check for plagiarism in files submitted to Google Classroom, teachers and students utilize the extension. Teachers can examine and review all submissions made in their classes, while students can only access personal submissions. To obtain a similarity score, you do not need to open several tabs in your browser; everything can be done through a straightforward interface.

There is no need to wait to view the outcome because similarity reports are ready immediately.

In order to help college students and teachers, the program was developed in 2011. Over 77,000 individuals from 72 different countries have used since the day it debuted. With its assistance, more than 9,300,000 works have been checked thus far!

The Mechanism: How It Operates

Our service generates extensive reports for customers after checking uploaded documents for plagiarism. These reports include information about any possible plagiarized sources as well as sources that were erroneously cited. You may quickly remove plagiarism from your paper with these reports.

To satisfy the demands of our customers, we continually update our goods. We are committed to perfection and always ensure that our anti-plagiarism engine delivers only the most accurate findings for an affordable price. By doing this, we continue to be dependable and beneficial to our clients.
Deliberate plagiarism, in our opinion, is unethical and unacceptable. Unintentional plagiarism, alas, always exists. We think that everyone participating in the academic environment should have the option to protect themselves from it. We advise utilizing our anti-plagiarism software to safeguard oneself from unwarranted allegations and to always be cautious.

Ethics Statement

Academic dishonesty is not respected by, and it is also not encouraged in any form. Our engine is designed to be used for guaranteeing the originality of written content and for preparing it for submission, whether it is in an academic setting or otherwise. The user is solely responsible if our engine is used to cheat.
We guarantee that none of the information you as a customer send to us will ever be revealed to third-party people or businesses since we respect your right to privacy.
We make an effort to make our services beneficial in terms of raising educational standards.
Therefore, we completely understand and appreciate being utilized by educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities to help students with their academic work.

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The best tool to check Plagiarism. Its easy user interface makes it easy to use. One can rely on this software completely without any second thoughts. The best feature of this software is that it supports various formats and one can easily upload them without changing format

- Parth C.

In my work as a Journalist, I always have to look for the truth; using this application I can identify the similarity between several documents, correct inappropriate quotes, words and paraphrases in my document, when citing a source I have to look for its authenticity.

- Isaura J.

Easily check content with uploading or copy and paste. Get detailed reports on what content is found where and have and overall score on the level of plagerism

- Kyle M.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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