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Get ready to control your destiny by submitting college applications. Join the millions of other students in choosing the colleges that are right for them, learning about scholarships, obtaining homework help, and learning how to increase their educational chances. Make connections with people who can assist you in choosing a college and achieving your future goals, such as present peers, potential classmates, current college students, and mentors from the alumni community.

PLEXUSS is the smartphone app you need to reach your future academic objectives, whether you’re a high school or college student in the United States seeking for the top homework or college finder app.

The initial step is to download the app and create your FREE personal profile. You can enjoy these strong features with a PLEXUSS profile:


Ask your college admissions questions here and you’ll be able to get into your dream school. Learn vital information on how to increase your chances of getting into college, as well as your scores on college entrance essays and tests. You can use the resources we have available to you to aid in the college choosing process.

Homework Aid – Receive free, unlimited access to professional homework assistance. To get answers to your English, science, or math homework, take a picture of it and upload it to your phone. Help with math and essay writing is easier to find than ever. Find solutions other than those found in textbooks or homework assignments.

Applications for Monthly Scholarships are Accepted. Find essay scholarships with subjects you can write on — by major, state, grade level, even sport. There are several quick and simple scholarships available to assist you pay for education.

My Network: Connect, Network, and Create Study Groups. Make connections with your fellow students, graduates, and mentors who can support you along the road!

My Profile: Make a Statement and Catch the Eye of College Admissions Officers. Top institutions and others can learn more about you through your profile than they might from a college application form and test results. Declare your greatest talents, achievements, and any ongoing initiatives.

Coming Soon: My Classes. Create flashcards for your assignments, take online tests, and collaborate on studies with your network.

Easy College Search: Compare colleges that interest you to grow or reduce your list of potential colleges. Use PLEXUSS as a tool for finding colleges. Learn about the university admissions statistics, virtual tours, videos, FAQs, rankings, and majors of your prospective school!

Interact with Peers: Share college articles with peers, interact in our community newsfeed, and post questions. Get the help you need to prepare for college or lend a hand to others who are doing the same.

Enhance your skills and college application: To be ready for college, join student organizations, go to workshops, or get better at writing essays. Get answers to your inquiries about homework assistance or college admissions assistance to boost your grades and application.

We are working hard to bring more information about school applications and college applications that is essential to your success. We rely on input from our students. Please let us know what new PLEXUSS content and features you would like to see so that we can assist more students just like you!

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Plexuss reviews

Pathway to success I found out about Plexuss through a good friend of ours. From there I was interested in their Mycounselor feature. Essentially this feature allows you to communicate with a real life academic counselor who can answer your questions. This really helped me understand what I needed to do now to get to my goal. About a month later I also discovered the Prime Plexuss option. For the price of a Netflix subscription who have access to unlimited tutoring. Overall, give the application a try you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

- LateApto

Love the Plexuss App! I encourage every high schooler who is preparing for college to download this app. It helps you meet with virtual counselors, organize your process, and research potential colleges. Some of the best features is fact sheets for every college, webinars, ranking colleges by major, sample college essays, and so much more! This app is so amazing for students and it really gives you confidence throughout your college process.

- Aanya S.

My search for collages is now much easier! Thanks Plexuss! Finding a correct, well fitting collage has always been tough for me since I was very overwhelmed. But using Plexuss for the past few months has made it simple and easy to organize. The community is very welcoming and friendly! People love to interact about college!

- Clarissa Valdez

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