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A quick, easy, and scalable method of updating customer communications is provided by Plivo.

A premium carrier network with connections in more than 190 countries, an API platform for messaging and voice calls, our visual builder PHLO, and solutions for sales and support teams are all included in Plivo’s enterprise-grade communications platform. To meet the needs of today’s organizations — quality, size, innovation, and agility — the Plivo team provides extensive experience in communications and cutting-edge software.
Key advantages of utilizing Plivo
• With any web standard language, organizations and developers may integrate voice and SMS conversations into any web or mobile application using Plivo’s HTTP APIs.

• With native SIP support, SDKs for web and mobile, and the option to purchase local numbers inside 55 countries, Voice API makes it easy to make phone calls to any country.

• SMS API makes it possible to send SMS text messages to all nations and supports two-way SMS in 19 nations in addition to two-way SMS Short Code inside of US or Canadian territory.

• Two-way SMS phone numbers are advantageous for marketing reasons when client involvement and interaction are necessary, enabling P2P texting while protecting number anonymity and fostering contact recognition with a dedicated, recognized number.

•Plivo’s dedicated Short Code feature makes it possible to broadcast text messages in big quantities and offers a customizable base transfer rate that initially starts at 40 messages per second.
Plivo is a cloud communication platform that gives applications integrated voice and SMS capabilities. The company’s platform, which was created for corporate communications, aims to reduce the complexity of telephone for organizations through infrastructure as a service. In order to provide users with reliable services, Plivo has partnerships with more than 1600 local carrier networks in 195 different countries. IBM, Mercado Libre, Deckers Brands, Zomato, Ninja Van, Wolers Kluwer, Splunk, Nutanix, Arizona State University, LogMeIn, Zynga, Practo, Gojek, Accenture, Greyhound, and are just a few of the companies that the business has served as clients.

Michael Ricordeau and Venky Balasubramanian founded Plivo in September 2012. As an open-source phone project, it had its start. While searching for a communications platform to integrate voice and SMS functionality into their respective applications, Venky and Michael met on Github. Plivo took part in the S12 batch of the American seed accelerator Y Combinator.

Plivo introduced its API platform for phone and SMS applications in July 2012. The business also released a new SDK that enables developers to link WebRTC apps to fixed SIP lines. Through WebRTC, users may use their browsers to make ordinary phone calls. With the help of Plivo’s SDK, developers may also incorporate WebRTC into current call center and business calling systems. In the opposite direction, this also functions, enabling users to call WebRTC users using their standard SIP-based phones.

In August 2018, Plivo announced the release of PHLO, a drag-and-drop workflow builder that would, according to the company, allow users to quickly create effective communication features.

Text API
The SMS API from Plivo provides a framework for programmatic text message sending and receiving. This comprises user appointment reminders, SMS marketing, SMS surveys, SMS autoresponders, and two-factor authentication. The SMS API provides users with short codes that may send high throughput and significant volumes of SMS messages, local phone numbers, alphanumeric sender ID, toll-free numbers, and other options.

Users can send and receive MMS messages, image files, emoticons, audio files, and video for a multimedia experience using Plivo’s MMS API. Additionally, the MMS API provides multimedia storage for both inbound and outbound messages and resizes images to provide the optimal delivery across networks. Concurrent messaging requests are queued and retried by the MMS API in order to adhere to carrier policies and improve deliverability.

Call API
Users of the Voice API platform can make, receive, and manage calls programmatically as well as incorporate voice calling into apps. Conference calls, voice alarms, voice surveys, voicemail, scalable cloud IVR to route calls, and call forwarding are capabilities of the Voice API. Any device, including phones, SIP devices, mobile apps, and standard browsers, can be called and controlled using the Voice API.

Trunking SIP
SIP Trunking enables pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited concurrent calls, and global access. VoIP infrastructure that may connect to or be integrated with a platform is provided by this. It offers a redundant infrastructure to boost and ensure uptime and terminates calls through local carriers to give users reduced post-dial delay. PoPs are placed in six areas across five continents to ensure low latency and great speech quality.

Lookup by Number API
With the help of Plivo’s Number Lookup API, users may programmatically find out the nation, format, and number type for any phone number. The ability to recognize landline, mobile, and toll-free numbers and choose the channel to communicate with clients is one example. Another is providing users with the capacity to identify carrier networks for improved routing, decreased fraud, and customized customer experiences.

Plivo’s cloud contact center product, Contacto, manages client interactions in one location while utilizing Plivo’s cloud communications infrastructure. The platform can be connected into technologies that businesses and organizations already use and it has chat, audio, messaging, and social interactions built into it. Users have the opportunity to provide contextualized and individualized support through the platform, and virtual agents are available round-the-clock.

The platform is designed to give customer support representatives a unified perspective of the client, simple workflows, and coaching tools to improve how well they respond to more customer inquiries with less movement. Additionally, it provides managers and supervisors with real-time performance information and data-driven insights to enhance customer interactions and more effectively customize coaching and assistance for agents.

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Voice API Platform
To Make A Call
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Zentrunk SIP Trunking
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Pros Cons
Great service with endless flexibility The test account does not enable u to send the messages until both the sender and the receiver numbers are verified first
Great software for sending text messages via Developer APIs This makes it really annoying to use, and to make matters worse, there are other pages such as the Applications page and the Endpoints page that support this

Plivo reviews

We initially liked their pricing (most appealing) and then once we logged in we found that they had a very nice layout.

- Mony G.

Because it is easy to understand and most important thing, you get excellent customer support that is why i personally used this service and also recommend to others.

- Qamar Z.

The user interface improve a lot for the last released and improve the order of the items. I'd like to see improves in the documentation for developers in the java JDK.

- Pedro M.

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