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Pocket is a popular read it later and fast reading tool that saves articles, movies, and other shareable content.

Pocket is similar to Instapaper in that it focuses on social sharing and incorporates multimedia.

The Pocket app allows casual readers to store articles for later consumption. After creating an account, you can add web pages by copying and pasting URLs (in fact, it will automatically detect a URL on the clipboard and suggest that you save it).

Use iOS or Android’s ‘Share’ option to save videos and audio for later. Desktop users also have many ways to save and access content.

App-integrated Pocket
Over 1,500 apps use Pocket’s versatile API. If you enjoy anything on Twitter, Flipboard, Dolphin Browser, Digg, Feedly, Alien Blue, or Zeit, you can save it to Pocket with tags that will help you discover it later.

You can also utilize your device’s ‘Share’ feature to save material. In 99% of cases, this works as intended, although you may face a snag saving content from apps that don’t support Pocket.

In contrast to Instapaper’s clumsy folder-based storing structure, Pocket uses tagging.

This makes sense, as sometimes you’ll want to keep things in two distinct categories (for example, you might store an article about cheap kitchen utensils under “cooking” and “frugal purchasing” or tag a Photoshop tutorial under “computer stuff” and “image editing”).

Kobo support is incorporated into the app. Despite being a lesser-known eReader, this is a great feature for Kobo owners. Once you set up Pocket on your device, it will show you your 50 most recently tagged articles. You may download older ones with a single press.

PC or mobile
You can use the app in many ways every day. Whether you’re using your smartphone or tablet – or if you’ve left either one at home – you can still save intriguing findings by using the app’s official Firefox add-on, the desktop client for Mac, or by emailing content to your designated Pocket email address (put up when you create your account).

You can view stored material from mobile devices or your desktop browser at any time. The diversity of ways to save and access content with Pocket means it may easily become part of your everyday reading routines.

Pocket Premium Features – There’s also a premium subscription with more features to make the app easier to use. For $44.99 a year – or $4.99 per month – you can remove ads from the app and enjoy uninterrupted reading.

Premium customers now have access to a Permanent Library that preserves both the URL and the information they were viewing. Even if the page or content changes, you may always refer back to the version you saved.

Tags – There are also premium features designed to make using the app and finding what you’re looking for easier, such as a Suggested Tags function that not only gives you ideas on how to save articles and other media, but also learns what interests you and suggests tags based on that when saving future content.

You can also use the advanced search to swiftly search your stored material and the material itself. So, while the free version of Pocket is functional, supporting the developers will provide you the best experience with the software.

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$4.99/month Pocket Premium
Pocket‘s flexible API means that it‘s already been implemented in over 1,500 appsAd-free feature only available in Premium
Ses the much more modern and versatile tagging approachLibrary feature only available in premium
Eatures in-built Kobo compatibilityFree version has limited features


Mozilla Corporation ATTN: Pocket Business Unit 2 Harrison Street, Suite 175 San Francisco, CA 94105

Pocket reviews

I've been a big fan of Pocket for years. I love being able to build a reading list from Twitter while I'm in line at the grocery store or whatever and do the reading when I have time. Just a couple issues: I have recommendation notifications turned off, but I still get them every so often. And the article parser still messes up sometimes - if the lede is formatted differently it'll sometimes leave it out (or leave out everything else), and embedded tweets cause problems.

- Wm. Hunter Tammaro

I've paid for Pocket for years. I like many things about it. The new redesign is an improvement, though I want to turn off "Next/Previous." There are some basic quality problems that they're not fixing. The "podcast" text-to-speech features are annoying at best. They killed a great friend sharing feature. Article parsing hasn't improved in years, and the "report article view" button clearly goes to the circular file. Its core mechanic is good. Hope they invest in fixing more problems.

- Chris Combs

This is a spectacular app. I use it more than just about any other app on my phone and I have turned many friends on to it as well. There are two small bugs that are a bit annoying: the first is that during listen mode if you pause and then restart listening it will usually go back to the beginning of the article rather than picking up where you paused at. The second bug has to do with finding your friends with the app to follow. The list of people to follow takes a very long time to load and sometimes does not show friends that I know are using the app.

- Anonymous

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