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Post-it® Brand has helped people be more productive, communicate better, and more creative for over 40 years.

These goods are now ubiquitous, yet their origins were uncertain. The Canary Yellow phenomenon taught us that patience is just as vital as inspiration when bringing a concept to reality.


3M scientist Spencer Silver was studying adhesives. In the process, he discovered a light adhesive that didn’t adhere strongly.

“As a researcher, I developed novel adhesives.

We wanted bigger, stronger, tougher adhesives.”
“None of those,” answered Silver.

Silver identified microspheres that keep their stickiness yet have a “removability property”


Innovation in Bunsen burner chemistry
Silver spent years trying to sell his technology. He still bragged about his invention to coworkers.

“I became Mr. Persistent because I wouldn’t quit.”

Art Fry, another 3M scientist, was frustrated. Every Wednesday night while practicing with his church choir, he’d use scraps of paper to mark future hymns. By Sunday, they’d all fallen out of the songbook.

He required a non-damaging bookmark.


Thinking back to a session on Silver’s microspheres, he got his “eureka moment”1

Developing a product with Silver. Once they started using their new notes to communicate, they understood the idea’s potential.

Fry: “This isn’t a bookmark.” “A new way to communicate”

You’ll enjoy it

Two chemists test Post-it®.
Fry tested himself at 3M’s headquarters.

Fry gave the corporation new adhesive notes.
They were popular.

3M debuted Press ‘n Peel in four cities with mixed results.


The product was sold directly to consumers. The Boise Blitz sampling attempt was a huge success. 90% of testers stated they’d buy the product.

1980 to 1986

Born Star

A Star is Born scientist Dr. Spencer Silver with Post-it® on forehead light bulb emblem.
The notes gained popularity instantly. Customers would put the notes on documents they gave to others, stirring the recipient’s curiosity. They’d look at it, peel it off, and play with it, then buy a pad for themselves.

Silver stated theirs was a product nobody needed until they did.

Yellow shines

Silver and Fry’s unsung hero became Post-it® Notes on April 6.

Its now-iconic Canary Yellow tint was accidental.
Next-door lab only had yellow scrap paper.

Lee Iaccoa and other Fortune 500 CEOs adored them. Canada and Europe get Post-it® Notes.


Fry is the company’s corporate researcher. Post-it® Flags were invented as a tool to organize with color coding, filing, and indexing.



The Post-it® Note celebrated its 10th anniversary and made many top-product lists.

Introduced: Post-it® Easel Pads. Then, brainstorming changed.

Spencer Silver, co-founder of Post-it® Notes, retired from 3M with 22 US patents.

Both Silver and Fry achieved top research accolades and worldwide engineering awards at 3M.


Hollywood Post-it®

Post-it® two-pack
Romy and Michele claim to have invented Post-it® Notes since graduation.

The average professional receives 11 Post-it® Notes every day, according to a research.

Over 100 nations sell Post-it® Notes. Many 3M products employ Post-it® adhesive.



Post-it® Flag Highlighters were featured on Oprah’s “Face Behind the Name” segment. David Windorski, a 3M product designer, appeared onstage.

Post-it® Brand Big Pad featured on Oprah
Post-it® Big Pad debuted.

The larger size helps professionals envision their ideas and operate more successfully with their colleagues in today’s collaborative work environments.

Water-based glue is used on all Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.

Post-it® Brand partnered with Evernote. Evernote product using smartphone camera.
Post-it® Brand partnered with note-taking app Evernote. You can snap, store, and share Post-it® Notes using your smartphone’s camera and create auto-tags, reminders, and journals. Evernote kept Post-it® Notes handy.

World notices

Post-it® Notes are available in 150 countries in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Post-it® Products number over 1,000.

Silver is amazed by the use of Post-it® Notes in movies, pop art, and everyday life. “Their recent success is beyond my wildest dreams.”


Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface

Super-sticky dry-erase surface.
In late 2014, Post-it® Brand responded to a trend toward open team workplaces by introducing an instant dry erase surface that is stain-free and adjustable to fit on walls, cabinets, tables, and more.

Post-it® Extreme Notes

In 2018, Post-it® Brand launched a note that sticks to surfaces never thought possible. Post-it® Extreme Notes hit the US market in February 2019. They are water-resistant and have 100X the holding power of the original Post-it® Note.

Snow-covered brick wall with a Post-it® Extreme note.
Post-it® Brand Extreme packaging.
Post-it® app 2019

The Post-it® App was relaunched with enhanced capabilities to create a full teamwork solution by bridging the analog and digital worlds. Instead of spending hours transcribing notes after a brainstorm, teams can now instantly capture and share notes without recaps or delays.

Post-it® App closeup.
Post-it® Flex Write Surface

Post-it® Flex Write Surface is a whiteboard surface that you can use both dry erase and permanent markers on, without stains. It cleans with water and a cloth.

Writer using Post-it® Flexible Write Surface.
Wiping off Post-it® Flexible Write Surface.
Post-it® Brand Flexible Write Surface can be cleaned with water.
Post-it® Foil Tabs

Post-it® Brand foil tabs are used to organize and personalize books.
These shimmering, iridescent, foil-based Tabs provide beautiful organization to diaries, planners, and notebooks.


Post-it® logo redesign
On January 1, 2021, Post-it® Brand unveils a new logo.

This selection of paper goods and desktop accessories helps keep track of life’s most noteworthy moments.

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Pros Cons
Supports PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, Dropbox, Trello®, Miro and more User cannot interact with the post-it notes on the desktop
Otes can also be synced across all your Apple® devices with iCloud® Not fully customizable
Captures up to 200 individual Post-it® Notes at a time Cannot sort out boards


Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Post It reviews

I thought this app would be kind of useless... but it’s been kind of life-changing. I have a color-coded board of 250+ post-its I’m using to organize everything my team is doing at work. I have calendars and lists and reminders, but especially for nebulous ideas, conversation-planning, brain-storming, long-term ideas that I can’t just check off on a list... I love being able to see everything visually (even if it’s kind of giving me heartburn to see 250+ things I have to do). I can even share with my team when I want to. The app is great for note-taking, too. I can organize notes on different research topics or ideas according to subject matter, so I can synthesize from different sources without flipping through a thousand pages in a notebook. The best part is having everything in my phone. Nothing to lose, nothing to flip through, nothing to carry around. There are plenty of color options, but I would love a few more. And I’d like an option to just duplicate a post-it. Sometimes I just need the same idea in more than one place! Or even an option to move a group of post-its to its own board when an idea gets bigger than you thought.

- emmiesunshine

Not only does it handle really well. It supports an assortment of exporting tools. Files types like pdf, csv or even full blown app exports for powerpoint and even Trello for you kanban users out there. I like it a lot actually. Now if you guys created a printer that could be loaded with sticky notes and have the thing print all my cards onto physical cards....we’d be in the best of both worlds. Because now I can still purchase and support physical cards on the fly and be able to just generate a board instantly and I would still be comfortable working on my digital or physical platform. An even better idea would be to have a company that already houses your product, like office depot, offer this ability as a feature for the public. That way we can come in store, win for them and print our boards or cards out as needed with a specialized printer. Numerous wins here. The camera feature already has the other end showed up in case we want to convert to digital from physical. But the reverse is needed to close the loop and make this app fully functional in a more practical setting. Please add to roadmap. I think this would boost revenue on all fronts and could even become the next trend of how notes and boards are made. Post it boards can even be developed with specialized fields in place just for this app. The ability to mass print cards in the stores would be awesome.

- Agent619

It’s a great accompaniment to post-its. Very well designed, and now there’s an easy way to digitize all of those paper post-its, so you can still jot notes down on paper and then quickly photograph them with this up. Aesthetically appealing, and surprisingly well executed. Only thing I can think of is if you could move/copy post-its between boards; and OCR. The iCloud backup is good, but I wish it would be a bit closer to instantaneous if you have this App on multiple devices - I have it on my iPhone and my iPad, I tend to use the iPhone camera and it’s convenient, but I prefer annotating them on my iPad with the pencil. Sometimes there’s a significant lag, yes you can always airdrop them to your other device, but that can create duplicate boards - and for some reason individual post-its don’t airdrop (in post-it board format) and a board can get too large to airdrop, which isn’t super difficult especially if you do what I do and have a board per week of post-it activity (and I use post-its avidly at work); So that’s what I wish they’d fix in one of their updates and adding the other two features mentioned would be nice *hint, hint* to the App developers. But this is fantastic!

- dahliaesque

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