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a robust alternative to the keyboard that functions in all applications. With a wealth of features that increase accessibility and offer a variety of literacy-enhancing tools, Read&Write supports the growth of reading, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary while also supporting reading and writing. These features include*:

Using text-to-speech

• Forecast
• A talking dictionary or dictionary

Photo Dictionary

• Verify
• Talk & Type (available for iOS 10 and above)
• Talk to me as I type
• Help for the OpenDyslexic typeface
• Safari offers language conversion (French or Spanish, Locale dependent)

Localization for the French language

The award-winning literacy program “Read&Write” is distilled down to its core components in the Read&Write for iPad app, which is provided by Texthelp. Based on the same research that went into creating the Read&Write desktop toolbar, which was the end product of more than 20 years of creating literacy programs for users. It offers support beyond what the built-in functions of the iPad can, and it is thorough and contextual.

When working on documents, presentations, being creative, or even just using mail, Read&Write for iPad can help. It functions in every app and is available everywhere it is needed. It is fantastic for people with special needs like dyslexia and others for whom English is not their first language, but it is also made for everyone. Furthermore, all websites may be accessed thanks to the built-in Safari toolbar.

For reading and writing, it offers customizable text-to-speech features, such as continuous reading and dual-color highlighting with just a few taps. Speak-as-I-Type enables users to concentrate on their writing skills while also facilitating understanding. Additionally, the keyboard area shows sentences as they are read, which is a terrific focus-aid. In addition, the Talk&Type function makes it simple for people who may have trouble typing to put their thoughts into written words. The prediction tool works in context, proposing a variety of pertinent words to form stronger phrases.

An accessible dictionary with definitions and sentences in context is available for vocabulary. Users can create linkages and references visually with the use of a photo dictionary. With just one tap, everything is accessible and audible.

Users receive a wide range of options for spelling and grammatical checks, including those for words that are difficult to distinguish, and with a single tap, they may either hear each proposal read out or utilize the dictionary tool to describe it.

read&write for the iPad. a vast array of technologies that are accessible to everyone and offer improved assistance for literacy.

The first time you tap the Read&Write icon, you’ll see an easy to follow video guide to help you set up the keyboard. Keep in mind that this is not an app and should not be mistaken for one.

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Read & Write App reviews

Disappointing I love the computer version - hoping this version would be similar but it’s missing lots of features. Was really hoping for the reader outside of Safari

- ScarlettK(:

I wish it was available for iPhone So I want it on my iPhone and it’s not letting me download it please make a version of this available for iPhone.

- jake the octoling

This doesnt work in any meaningful way for ipad Hi, i started with read and write for ipad. I dont think this app works with my ipad. It seems to do nothing at all. Im in school, i cant recommend the computer application enough. I feel bad giving a one star review. But i am so pleased with the program i use on my computer that i want to make it clear this app straight up does nothing. The computer app is amazing. This team has the ability to make something great. If they get around to ipad thatd be sweet. But if not no worries. I mean this doesnt work. Oh well If you are frustrated this is why It doesnt work

- Kirbykazooie

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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