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The Literacy Company sells The Reader’s Edge. It’s a Windows desktop app or a browser-based app. $79.95 (Basic) or $149.95 (Advanced) depending on learning and feature level (Pro).

The Reader’s Edge improves reading speed and comprehension. What are the benefits? Reader’s Edge will cover it.

Reader’s Edge—Features
Reader’s Edge is downloadable for PCs or accessible online. Users have the same information and features. Basic allows one computer installation and three users; Pro allows two PCs, limitless users, or 5 online users.

Institutions can purchase a Network version based on the number of authorized PCs.

1. Basic and Professional Versions
Both editions have the same core. Reader’s Edge Pro has additional features, described below. Key functions and activities:

8 basic exercises. 12 Pro.
200+ tests
Lessons step-by-step.
Import reading material
Word-Association Exercises
Exercise Coach
Evaluations and updates.
Lifetime updates.
Reader’s Edge relies on exercises. They teach speed-boosting skills. It’s:

Information-processing-improving mobility training.
Horizontal Span reduces subvocalization.
Vertical Span groups words.
Marquee Text simulates eye movement.
Increased word count minimizes eye fixations.
Word Groups boost group reading.
Say It displays letter sounds.
2. Pro Reader’s Edge
The Professional version adds Continuous Text, the ability to vary reading tempo, drills, and audio readings. Reader’s Edge Pro is almost double the price, so examine the market.

Compared to competitors such as Spreeder, Iris Reading, and Rev It Up Reading, Professional is pricey.

200+ tests
Different writers and information suppliers provide different comprehension exams. These examinations measure comprehension.
Unlimited computer accounts
Reader’s Edge pro lets you customize vocabulary lists. Network provides further lists. If you care more about exercises, the Pro version features Audio-Text readings, High-Speed practice, Paced Reading training, and Timed Reading practice to push you further.

3. Online Reader’s Edge
Mac users can access Reader’s Edge online via a browser-based app. It has the same functionalities, but fewer user accounts and administrative options.

Online Basic includes all step-by-step modules to improve your pace and retention. The pro license offers five accounts and additional admin options to track all participants’ progress.

Individual learners are at a disadvantage because they don’t necessarily need five user accounts, but the basic version has fewer features. Pro should give different admin options to scale the product for more users and have one license-independent solution.

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Basic Version is $79.95
Pro Edition costs $149.95.
Pros Cons
Customizable Too many confusing tools
Progress tracking and automatically increases difficulty Limited number of accounts in its free version
Includes Prime-word-list exercises Expensive pro features that can be found cheaper in other developers


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Readers’ Edge reviews

This speed reading software has a comprehensive and well-organized help menu that lets you browse topics by keyword, and it explains every part of the application thoroughly.

- Jessica Richards

Taking into account that the Reader’s Edge desktop hasn’t had a significant update for a few years now and counting, the program feels old-fashioned in regards to setup and price value. While you have the most common features onboard, you will need to pay a lot more compared to other tools when trying to upgrade the number of exercises or types of learning features.

- Mark Ways

The Reader's Edge improves your reading speed, comprehension, and recall, no matter how old you are and your level of reading proficiency. Thanks to an intuitive interface, simple exercises, and detailed lessons, you'll be amazed at how much more productive you can be!


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