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With the Renderforest Video Maker, producing polished videos on your phone is always quick and simple! Create compelling and amazing videos in 3 easy steps for personal or professional use:

– Decide on a video template.
Find the video template that best meets your needs and tastes by perusing our selection of categories for video templates.

– Personalize
You can add your text and media files, choose a color scheme and font style, add a music track, and submit a voice-over all with a few simple mouse clicks. All of these will be combined by our video producer to create a professional video.

– Save your video.
Preview your creation, make any required modifications, and then download your video in the resolution you wish.

Make any kind of video dazzling and spotless in a matter of minutes!

Make advertising videos
– Create attention-grabbing promotional videos using thousands of themes that are customisable. Make video marketing simple and enjoyable.
– Use sector-specific promo templates to advertise your mobile app, food or hospitality business, healthcare facility, corporate event, and more.
– Use our ad creator to create ads for online and offline marketing that are of broadcast quality.
– For your independent film, make cinematic trailers and opening titles.
– With the help of our invitation video creator, invite visitors to your conference, music concert, birthday, wedding, or other special event.

maker of the intro and outro
– Use our intro creator to animate your logo in a variety of ways. With attractive opening and outro designs, you can give your videos a modern, branded appearance.
– For the ideal logo reveal for your brand, choose from minimal, dark, 3D, retro, footage-based, and many other types.
– For your channel, make polished YouTube intros and outros. With our outro builder, you can add animated calls to action at the end of each video.

Music Video Creator Utilize our intuitive music visualizer to see the most precise beats in your music track.
– Gain access to hundreds of templates in every style, then choose the ones that best suit the tempo, music genre, and target audience you have in mind.
– Create music videos that feature your company’s logo or album cover. Use attractive visuals to promote your new song, album, or music channel. With the help of our audio visualizer templates, all of this is feasible.

Slideshow Maker allows you to combine your photos and videos with the transitions of your choice to create the best-looking slideshows.
– To create a slideshow, upload your media files, select a transition, and include a musical track. The remainder will be handled by our slideshow creator.
– Create professional corporate slideshows for a presentation, event, business meeting, or company promotion.
– Discover templates for business, vacations, birthdays, weddings, and more!

Generator for text animation
– Use dynamic typography to communicate a persuasive or educational message to the audience.
– Utilize editable templates to create uplifting lyric videos, educational social media videos, and advertisements.
– Choose from a variety of typographic styles, including wobbly, minimal, neon, abstract, glitchy, and colorful.
– Find templates that are both fast-paced and slow.

Create explainer videos and character animations with the help of our animation maker. Use demonstration movies to introduce and showcase your goods and services to your clients.
– Use infographic videos to visualize data, study summaries to deliver research, and animated charts and figures to display statistical data.
– Deliver corporate presentations to clients and investors to introduce your new or established firm.

YouTube export
The two accessible alternatives for exporting your videos in high quality are pay-per-product for a single export and subscription for numerous video exports.

Features – Select from more than 130 songs or add your own.
– Give your videos a voice-over.
– Use the snapshot tool to preview any scenario before exporting.
– You may always and everywhere access your photos and movies in the Media Library.
– Export HD versions of your videos.
– On your account, all of your projects are saved. Anytime you want, you can edit and export them again.
– Constant support.

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$4.99 - $179.99 per item
Ease of creation of videos with music or other audioPay per Product" pricing is extremely high for a single video, effectively encouraging subscription only, which isn't a great way to promote growth.'
Syncs music videos to audioA better way to visualise the final product on different devices and sizes could be devised
Provides a nice and easy wizard to get startedUploading video is slow, processing time and rendering video are often jammed

Renderforest reviews

It is fun to do once you get the hang of it however all the templates/visuals should be at least 30 seconds!!!! They have really great templates/visuals but they're are short clips like 7-15 seconds with no other options. I think if someone wants the template/visuals longer that should be up to the customer and shouldn't have to settle with short clips. Which is why I'm giving 4/5

- Emanuel Watkins

I enjoy using Renderforest, it's a good app. But when you edit a video, the text for example, it edits but does not apply and you have to start all over again. Would love free scenes of two or more people talking, a wedding, preacher profession, fire which are lacking. Thanks for the app, keep it up!

- Love Defang

Awesome app for video editing for marketing, logo intros, white board animation and lots of other video editing tools. And they are so easy to use with the professional templates to help you create awesome video even as an amateur in the field. I love the app. It is a life changer and I have been using this app to create awesome videos for my church media department and I also use it to create advert for my business thanks to the creators of this app. I would also love to see more upgrades.

- Aaron God'sglory

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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