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Sentric provides HR and payroll software that connects companies with their people. Transform your workplace with complete HR software that lets you do more than manage data and takes you 100% paperless. SentricHR empowers you to put your people first by automating key processes, helping you stay compliant, and more.

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$2.50 per check
Starting $2 per month per employee
The software has a nice appealing layoutThe reports are difficult to learn and run and limited in the fields
It is easy to useNot being able to transfer from one company to another
Easy to navigate.The system does not keep track of terminated employees.


2400 Ansys Drive, Suite 101 Canonsburg, PA 15317

SentricHR reviews

Their customer service. They are very responsive, quick, and knowledgeable. When we were looking for HRIS and payroll software in 2016, I wanted one where you had a dedicated representative instead of a call center type customer service. I had the philosophy of "if everyone can help you, then no one can" and if you have repeat issues, you just have to restart it all with whichever rep you are talking to. Well, Sentric had a dedicated rep structure at the time. However, in early 2017, they switched from a dedicated rep model to a case system that assigns your issue to the best Product Support analyst right off the bat. I was not pleased when I found out. But after doing it for over a year, I really like it overall. I am working directly (most of the time) with the person who will work on the problem and fix it (which means less mistakes and less waiting). I also like their customer hub where I can go to try to learn something new or figure things out before a submitting a case.

- Brandon M.

I like the Time Administration piece, allowing our employees to clock in/out, tie to their absences and leave plans, and be signed electronically by the employee/managers. It's been a huge time saver on my end, coming from a very manual time card process.

- Emma O.

When things go wrong they have a hard time figuring them out. Right now I am having an issue with the Projects and tasks codes that are inactive but you can still see them in the kiosk and they haven't been able to fix this since March 5. They have many reports but nothing you would use - nothing that gives a manager the days each employee has taken, is scheduled and what is left. Right now the vacation tracking for each employee on the home page is wrong and no one informed us until I put a ticket in asking about it. There are always issues with the tracking of Paid Time Off and they can't really give you a firm answer on why it happens they just tell you how to fix it which I already know but I can't tell if it is wrong unless I go in and check everyone periodically, which is crazy. I even met with my Sales Rep, Karl Bayer in March and went over all they issues - he was going to put the list together and get back to me on a game plan in the next few days but never heard from him and even followed up several times. The Onboarding was so difficult our HR Department went to another provider.

- Diane L.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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