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SimpleMind is a well-known tool for mind mapping that streamlines the process of presenting, organizing, and analyzing ideas and concepts. This is in handy in a wide variety of creative undertakings, including the development of procedures for running a business. Users can take advantage of this to generate topic branches, make modifications to texts, and freely move topic clouds, including rotating them, amongst other possible manipulations. Labels, call-outs, and notes can be added to the maps to provide a high level of personalization. In addition to that, SimpleMind is able to automatically organize your themes. Users are able to reduce the amount of clutter and mess caused by their projects as a result of this. Users on a variety of platforms are given the ability to build and edit mind maps with SimpleMind. Users are able to better visualize their thinking utilizing a variety of devices, including workstations running Windows or Mac operating systems, personal computers running iOS or Android, and more. In addition, SimpleMind is compatible with a wide variety of file and media formats. It will be possible to insert images directly into the topics, which will significantly improve their visualization. Additionally, the user has the option of including floating images all around them. Audio and video files can also be added to subjects that you create, and both types of files are supported.

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Simple Mind reviews

I use this on an iPad and iPhone. There are so many mind mapping apps that are subscriptions or you only get a couple maps with the free versions. It took me way too long just to find one that I could just buy with a one time cost. I think I did read that you purchase it per platform though, so if I want to use it on my laptop I would have to buy that version. I probably won’t use it on the computer but even if I did, the software is good, so I’d be okay with the cost. There’s one really big problem for me though which I hope is fixed in a future update. When I’m using the Apple Pencil on the iPad and enter a field to write into, it centers that field on the screen. That means I have to lift and move my hand to the center every time I want to write and then move the whole map back to the position I had it in. The palm rejection in the app isn’t great, both these together have caused some frustration. I’d much rather have an option to toggle this off so I can just write in the field where it already is.

- Fuser-Invent

’ve been looking for ways to help with studying, and wish I found this sooner. Downloaded the free trial on my iPhone and was sold before it even ended. Maybe it’s the OCD nerd in me, but my thoughts and notes have to be organized JUST the right way or I can’t function. I’ve tried tabs, highlighters, binders, note cards, quizlets, you name it... nothing did the job until I found this app. There are soo many features that give you the freedom to organize the clutter in your head; it’s like painting your thoughts onto a screen. I haven’t tried any other mind mapping apps since this is my first one, but I feel like it has everything I need already and don’t even want to venture. I’m pretty satisfied. I now have the paid versions for my iPhone/Ipad and windows pc too. LOVE this app! BTW: definitely read the MindMap Editor Help, and FAQ sections so you can truly enjoy the creative power of the app.

- Visay1

I bought the full version for the cloud saving functionality, and I've been impressed by how quickly I got the hang of using it. It's been a valuable tool for my creative writing projects. The only issue I had was a close call I had where I almost erased my entire map by accident with no way to undo. I think this may have been due to a weird interaction with my bluetooth keyboard. This could be prevented by either a toggleable option to ask to confirm before deleting main topics, or by the ability to restore previous versions of a map. In my case, I was able to save the map by reverting to the previous version in google drive, but I was lucky in that case. Overall, a great app!

- MaverickHunterN

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