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Industries: Business, Education

For users of our open software, we have now included a Linux client in addition to our Windows and Mac computer clients.

Become more time-conscious. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Limit your phone use to increase productivity and focus.

The best method to regain your productivity, attention, and happiness is through effective time tracking. Smarter Time continuously monitors your time and adjusts to your unique objectives and requirements.

We are all time poor. Understanding oneself is difficult, and we don’t naturally have good time management skills. Stress, burnout, and a poor work-life balance are all caused by poor time management.

For all of your time management requirements, use Smarter Time, an automatic time tracker.

A productivity app, that is.

It is a tool for managing your phone’s focus and time.

It is a tool for personal growth.

Your new personal assistant is here.

How it functions

1. Your location and occupation are conjectured by our learning brain.

2. It compiles a thorough record of all your actions, including reading, sleeping, taking showers, and watching TV.

3. You receive accurate time use insights and have access to a thorough, automatic time tracker.

Use Smarter Time in the following ways, for example:

An outline of your daily plan in time.

A time management app for your phone to help you stay focused.

Big picture analytics to fully comprehend how you use your time.

A productivity program to monitor the diversions that sap your concentration.

A person who sets goals to create healthier habits.

a means of self-improvement for achieving healthy work-life balance.

A scheduler for both your personal and work projects.

A sleep monitor to ensure that you consistently get the rest you require.

A timer to help you reconnect with yourself.

It’s more intelligent time management and time tracking for a more intelligent life!

We guarantee your privacy

Our top priority is maintaining your privacy. If you don’t enable the save/restore feature, your data will never leave your device because it is maintained on your phone by default rather than on our servers. The most private resource you have is your time, and we want it to stay that way.

— Features of the Lite version

– Time tracking for all actions that is automatic

– A minute-by-minute time log that is thorough

– Extensive habit formation

– Locating locations

– Recording of motions and physical activities

– Integration of Google Calendar

Phone time management

– Online computer time

– Extensive analytics

Daily reports

– Goals

View of a map

— Features of the Plus version

All the features of the Lite edition plus:

– Extensive computer use

– Recognizing rooms

– Customized categorisation of categories and activities

– Data backup and recovery

– Unlimited use of assistants

— Known problems

– Some LG and Samsung Android 5.0 smartphones do not provide access to app usage statistics

– Some phones (namely Samsung, Huawei, and Honor, as well as Xiaomi) may regularly stop the app. To keep the automated time tracking running in the background, you can add Smarter Time to a list of protected apps.

– Aid in our improvement

We are always willing to consider user input and are extremely interested in hearing from them. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any comments or questions concerning time management, automatic time monitoring, or work-life balance in general.

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Simple yet powerful time management featuresSync option not working well
Useful insightsConfusing timeline
Sleep tracker toolComplicated interface

Smarter Time- reviews

I paid for the premium version and want to give this app a great review. It does things no other app I am aware of does and is so close to achieving greatness. But the interface is so poorly designed and so convoluted it ruins the app. The designers would be well served to do some screen sharing sessions with new users, ask them to perform a task, and watch them fumble. Things which should be so simple are made complex. Often pressing a button results in something happening the opposite of what your were expecting. The verbiage is frequently confusing and does not guide the user. The help documentation is inadequate so it does not fill in any of the holes. If the designers have any interest in improving the interface I would be happy to do a screen sharing session with them. I would literally make a short youtube tutorial for you folks for free - you need one badly. And I don't mean the one you have with the guy talking fast who doesn't give a single step by step example.

- A Google user

I love this app. I love that it sync to your calendar and autofills most of the correct information. Even when it doesn't accurately depict what I was doing at a certain moment, it can be helpful to have time stamps of when I searched up a recipe for example. My issues with the app currently are that I can't figure out how to manage my labels and it's not very visually appealing. It gives you the option to add new labels on the timeline but I have labels from past projects that are now outdated.

- sundjata suma

Overall a great app. However, I recently had to change phones. So you have to upgrade to be able to sync your data online. Ok, so I pay $5 to get it synced and then I'll cancel the subscription. To me the 1.5 years of data in the app is worth $5. So I pay for the upgrade, go to sync my data with my new phone and it ereases all of my data. 1.5 years of tracking every minute of my life is gone. I contacted support to see if there was a way to recover my data and I never heard a response.

- Evan Walde

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