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Regardless of their skill level, the typical user can use Speakonia very easily. In a technological sense, the graphical user interface is comparable to Notepad. The text-to-speech voice of their choice will read anything the user types into the box that resembles a play button once they click it. The user can switch the voice at any moment by selecting a different voice from the drop-down box under the Speech Properties that is titled Voice. With the sliders beneath the drop-down menu, the user can additionally alter the voice’s volume and pace. Several languages can be put alongside it.


The menu bar, toolbar, text box, and “Speech Properties” Box are the four basic components of the Speakonia user interface.

The Menu Bar is mostly used for storing and exporting files, as well as for software registration. It is not the program’s primary focus.

Shortcuts for saving features are available on the toolbar, along with buttons for starting, pausing, and stopping the voice reading of text that has been entered into the text box.

You will spend the majority of your time in the software in the Text Box. To make the voice say something, just write it into the text box.

Last but not least, Speakonia’s most useful feature is the Speech Properties window. You may swiftly switch between voices, alter the voice’s pitch and volume, as well as its speaking speed. The useful “Lexicon” feature in this window also enables you to amend a word’s pronunciation if the voice pronounces it incorrectly.

Speakonia’s Speech Properties window.

Voices of Microsoft

Speakonia comes with at least 11 voices by default. Installing a second bundle of voices titled simply: Microsoft voices Mary, Sam, and Mike will significantly raise this number. The Microsoft voices as well as a variety of other voices will be available for you to use after the download is finished (RoboSoft 1-6, whispers, etc.).

creating a.WAV export

The spoken text can be exported from Speakonia as.WAV audio files. You need to register with Speakonia in order to export a file as a.WAV audio file. One only needs to provide their name and email address to register. Once enrolled, you will then have access to all of Speakonia’s services after receiving a code through email. Anyone who wants to use the voices in their YouTube videos must register.


The Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice voices were really modified to create Speakonia’s default adult voices. They too have had new names.

There are no markers for pitch, speed, or volume to show levels of each. A Registry Editor is the sole method.

The Microsoft Voices that come with Windows XP have different voice patterns from those in Speakonia. Instead, it resembles Microsoft Sam for Windows 2000.

Although Speakonia is no longer supported, CFS-Technologies still offers the program for download on its website. (Also accessible via CNET’s download page)

Windows RT is not compatible with Speakonia.

Every TTS Voice’s test voice starts with the words “This is a test for Speakonia.”

The following registration key is required in order to utilize Speakonia to its fullest extent:

Name: Unrestricted Permit

Email: [email protected]

Reg. Identifier: SPK-174101-172083


The Mediafire links might not function. Use the Google Drive links if it doesn’t work.

http://www.cfs-technologies.com/home/ is the download link.


Pieboy6000 has supplied links to Mediafire.

Speakonia: Where can I find MediaFire?


Sam, Mike, Mary, and RoboSoft voices from Microsoft: http://www.mediafire.com?


The Speakonia website no longer offers the ability to download the additional voices, such as British voices. But you can download them from here thanks to Ducky. There are additional links for the voices (including more voices than were previously provided) here or here.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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