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Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business

StaffCircle is a mobile first, multi-channel employee engagement and communications platform which helps organizations engage and communicate with both hard to reach non-desk-based and office-based employees. Users are provided with a progressive web app branded to the business, which can be accessed by smartphone, tablet or PC via any common web browser.

StaffCircle’s interconnecting features help streamline the organization and create a consistent and universal communication experience for the workforce. The platform’s mobile intranet features help users enhance work culture by sharing information and feedback through rich content such as articles, alerts, awards, promotions and training over the live information feed. A built-in template editor allows for personalized multi-channel messaging, and users can segment staff into groups to send quick 2-way messages to teams via SMS, in-app, or email. Web and mobile-enabled time tools help streamline overtime, sickness, and holiday management with automated logging and manager authorization controls.

StaffCircle also offers a people directory with skills search functionality to help users locate workers, as well as the ability to search files and folders to access relevant HR information. The employee timeline gives a complete view of engagement and activity, and tools for skills management allow users to allocate skills to employees, and log those gained from completing training or achieving objectives. Performance management features allow users to visualize team objectives and review performance of desk and non-desk based workers through analytics, and includes a built-in reward system for financial incentives.

StaffCircle digitalizes tasks and worksheets to help systemize processes and visualize progress in real time. Users can build digital worksheets using the drag-and-drop builder and view task statuses across the organization through powerful analytics, helping to identify trouble areas. StaffCircle also enables the digital signing of worksheets via any device, and completed worksheets can be downloaded as CSV files, PDFs or streamed into external platforms via integration aggregators like Zapier and Microsoft Flow.

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StaffCircle reviews

Very positive - it is a useful system and the support I have had from StaffCircle has been wonderful whenever I have had an issue.

- Katie E.

Team are very professional, they adapt their processes according to how we work. The customer success team have been very patient and supportive - we don't have many resources dedicated to HR so they have given us very extensive training and onboarding. The buying experience was very positive, the sales team have a deep understanding of the product and their customers challenges so it was easy to be engaged in the process. I also found StaffCircle's content was especially useful in helping me research performance management and how the tools help to address different workforce challenges.

- Geraldine O.

Good company with a very capable product - its the only one I've seen that doesn't need an app downloading so easy for me to recommend.

- John S.

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