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Every day, Stoic creates brief meditations with quotes and mental health exercises that will improve your mood, sleep, and ability to cope with stress.

To help you feel better and overcome challenges, stoic creates brief daily mental exercises with quotes.

For journaling, meditation, sleep tracking, and reflection, get your daily mental health tracker partner. It analyzes your emotional impacts and provides you with knowledge on how to improve your sleep, reduce stress, and be more effective.


Every day, we all go through a wide spectrum of complicated emotions. If we are to reach self-actualization, it is imperative that we have a clear grasp of our emotional state of mind, regardless of whether we are feeling positive or negative – all of which, of course, are completely natural.

Tim Ferriss described stoicism as a leadership philosophy as follows:

• Become more content and successful

• lessens emotional reactivity

• Improve and be kinder as a person.

• improve your ability to resolve disputes


• Begin each day right with a unique morning ritual. Make plans for your everyday activities so that nothing unexpected happens to you.

• think back on your day’s performance at night to relax and fall asleep more soundly.


• journaling With the aid of a guided notebook, you can make mental space, voice your ideas, make objectives, and practice gratitude.

• unfavorable mental imagery. Find out how much you have in your life for which you should be thankful. things you automatically assume. accomplishments you’ve forgotten about for a long time. You are more fortunate and fortunate than you realize.

• Mindfulness. a free-form meditation session with background music and timed chimes.

• inhaling. deep relaxation and box breathing techniques.

• sayings and proclamations. Read and save your favorite wise words from the Bible, Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, and stoic philosophers.

• establishing terror. a strategy Tim Ferriss introduced for navigating difficult life decisions. It will assist you in overcoming your fear of acting.

• a mental workout. stoic analysis of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) Try to insert comparable thoughts here if you experience strong negative emotions. You might realize that your sentiments were a result of your thoughts, and a slight alteration in your thinking can result in a big difference in your mood.

• the past. explore your previous entries or use specific queries to filter them. observe how your responses alter over time and look for trends to aid in your personal growth.

• Privacy: use a password to secure your diary entries.

• exporting Tell your therapist what’s on your mind.

Apple iCloud Maintain a backup of your priceless thoughts on your personal iCloud storage account and sync your info with other distinct gadgets.

• Integration of HealthKit and the Health app for mindful minutes and trending your activity.


• stoic insight. Discover the most useful philosophy that will enable you to endure in stressful situations. Conquer your ego by reflecting on Seneca and Marcus Aurelius quotes.

• Acquire philosophical knowledge. You can learn about the Tao, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christian ways of life through quotes from Lao Tzu, the Bible, and Gautama Buddha.

• and keep in mind that Seneca said, “We suffer more in imagination than in actuality.”


• Stoic provides an auto-renewing subscription for $37.99 per year.

• After your purchase is confirmed, your iTunes account will be charged. 24 hours before the current period ends, your account will be charged for renewal.

• until you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current month finishes, your subscription to Stoic will renew itself. In the settings of your iTunes Store account, you can disable auto-renewal or adjust your subscription. If a free trial term is provided, any unused time will be lost when the customer signs up for a premium subscription to Stoic.

• Terms and Conditions: available at

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stoic reviews

I've been using this app for a few days and I love it. The daily questions and exercises are geared towards keeping things in perspective and reminding you to not dwell on what is out of your control. I downloaded specifically because of my peaked interest in stoicism but there is an option to personalize your philosophies and even order a printed copy of your journey. Amazing job with this one, and the free version is everything you need!

- Christina Dowling

Hi there! I'm giving 3 stars for now because auto save sometimes works or doesn't. As well as editing. Ive lost good work and I am really bummed out, if you guys could fix that that would be so amazing!! Thank you! This app is so wonderful I just hate to see it wig out. The cursor is also a little laggy as well in pickin up on corrective spots. Thank you for creating this app!

- Shasta Lybrand

This app is an absolutely fantastic execution of the concept. I can only see it growing and becoming more complex and integrated in the next few years. However, I INSIST that this app be allowed to run in the background so our phone screens can be shut off!! This would help a lot with accidental pocket-presses during timed activities like breathing exercises and meditation. It would also save SO MUCH battery to continue journaling throughout the day. Developers, PLEASE make this happen! Thanks!

- Joshua Jaeger

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