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Sutori (formerly HSTRY) is a web-based tool for creating and sharing interactive timelines and presentations. It was originally geared toward history classes, but it’s since been repositioned as a tool to develop interactive stories. The developer’s premade stories are mostly traditional timelines (users scroll down to navigate through them like a social media feed or webpage), but the community contributions cover all subject areas and range from presentations of knowledge to organizing daily schedules for classrooms.

To get started, teachers can create classes and send students codes to access shared timelines and create their own. A starter template walks users through the creation process, and the timelines are easy to edit and share. There are tons of options for adding content to the timeline (some only by subscription), including text, images, videos, links, quiz questions, and more. The site’s free subscription includes basic features for sharing, collaboration, and student management; paid features include more options for embedding content, analyzing student work, and using premade, standards-aligned content and templates.

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Sutori Essential - Free
Sutori Unlimited - $120 per year
Sutori for Departments - $500 per year
Easy to useThe free version is only available for 30 days
Projects save automaticallyThe best pre-made content is only available for a fee
Interactive features will engage studentsSome design tweaks aren't available (e.g., background color).


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Sutori reviews

I love this Twitter story! This is why I have loved Sutori from the start. You understand the needs of students beyond technology. You prove education is about changing lives for the better. Thank you for your product and your hearts!

- Deborah Chad

My Take I like how Sutori lets my students take control of the content we are learning about. They are able to build upon their interests and develop it into concrete knowledge. How I Use It I use it with my students to help them with more student lead instruction. I had my students use it to compare and contrast the variety of cultures in the Caribbean islands.

- Vincent L.

This is a tool that makes timeline creation -- and presentations -- feel fresh and new. It's terrific that teachers can embed primary source media directly on the timeline and surround those posts with multiple-choice questions and discussion prompts. And it's also terrific that students can collaborate in real time to create their own timelines. For teachers, building your own timeline with this tool might be as simple as adapting an existing outline or slide deck to this new format, but the simple, visual presentation style here has great potential for helping students make connections. Though some of the user-generated stories are uneven, the developer-created stories are solid, and they're a good starting point for creating your own standards-aligned lessons and activities. Just be aware that it's easy during the free trial to get hooked on the paid features, so if Sutori clicks for you, it's likely going to require an annual subscription. Also, while the tool is exceptionally well designed, it still would be nice to see some further customization -- for instance, more color and theme options.

- Patricia M.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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