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Tangerine is your daily self-care manual. Make habits, keep a notebook, and monitor your mood. a single app.


Start prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By having higher self-esteem and less stress, you can enhance your overall welfare and happiness.


It can be challenging to establish enduring habits, but we can help. Tangerine enables you to establish and monitor habits as part of your self-care journey, while also reminding you to practice them and recognizing your successes.

Tracking Your Mood

A practice used in positive psychology called mood tracking involves monitoring, documenting, and analyzing one’s mood. In light of this, Tangerine not only encourages day-to-day reflection but also helps you identify the activities in your life that bring you joy or sorrow.

Journal, reflect, and take stock.

The self-care movement has made journaling its signature practice. Most importantly, it improves your mindfulness, memory, and communication abilities while also assisting you in setting priorities and clarifying your thoughts. On Tangerine, you can keep a running notebook or use one of our guided writing templates in addition to tracking your mood throughout the day.

Measure your progress using data to its full potential.

With beautiful and thorough reports, you can learn more about your routine and how much you’ve changed.

Tangerine works with the Health app to carry out routines relevant to your health automatically.


Do you have any queries or ideas about how we might improve Tangerine for you? Please contact us at [email protected]

Premium tangerine juice

To access all features and take control of your life, subscribe.

• Abundant habits.

• Countless reminders for each habit.

• Stats & Insights.

• Include images in your journal and remarks.

• Access to all templates for guided journaling.

Tangerine provides auto-renewing subscriptions, with the yearly plan including a 7-day free trial:

• $2.49 each month, paid yearly in a single installment of $29.99.

• $4.99/month.

Your iTunes Account will be charged the full subscription price following the free trial. Unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before to the end of the current period, it renews automatically. Within 24 hours of the current period’s end, the total cost of the membership will be charged to your account. You can manage or cancel subscriptions and auto-renewals under your iTunes Account Settings.

20M+ Downloads

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Sir Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Branson


Tangerine Premium annual
Tangerine Premium monthly
Pros Cons
Turn on notifications for gentle reminders to track habits Privacy concerns
Set Siri shortcuts to easily mark when you’ve successfully completed a habit task Missing some features
Access the journal, calendar routine and history from the main screen. Sometimes slow support

Tangerine reviews

I’ve really been enjoying this app! I’ve had it downloaded for a few months now and its really helped me stay conscious of what I need to do and also it’s a good feeling to be able to feel accomplished by checking things off of my habit list. The only thing that would make it better is if I was able to make a “To do” list with out having to make it a daily or scheduled recurring habit. For example “send out thank you cards, or make a phone call” etc. I’m also not a big fan of not being able to delete habits after they are created, only because I had messed up and only had a task that I had to complete for a week. (Pet sitting) so I just had to Archive it. Which I do understand the concept behind why it’s encouraged not to delete a habit, and it makes sense. Over all I really do appreciate this app and the help it brings! And I hope one day some sort of daily or random “to do” lists will be created! <3

- Magdalene says

This app is amazing. I am working hard on self-care, because before therapy, I couldn’t even articulate what kinds of activities made me happy anymore. And even now that I’m working on self-care consciously, it’s still hard for me to remember what my go-to options are. I freaking love that I can create my own menu of self-care activities (“habits”) AS WELL AS document my mood/briefly journal. If I know that I need a moment to take care of myself, I can open the app and it eliminates the hurdle of “uhhh how do I even self-care again!? Lemme just go drink.” It helps me see the connection between self-care and my own happiness—and motivates me to keep taking care of myself. Thank you so much to the developers. Edit — some caveats and things I wish would get fixed (taking off one star): There is some glitchiness whenever I try to check off tasks. The confetti is cool, but it slows down the app to the point where I have to wait about 5 seconds before my phone unfreezes. Also, the swipe function goes off way too easily. I am constantly having to undo “completed tasks” because my finger tapped the screen slightly weird and now the app thinks I completed a task, when I really just meant to scroll down. These glitches are getting to the point where I’ve stopped using the app as much. I really hope they can be fixed!

- Brooke Rosemary

Alright so I had been using Aloe Bud for habit tracking which I LOVED but it’s more of a simple log with no stats and you have to pick from a limited list of habits/self care categories. I also wanted to be able to start tracking my moods and tying them to my activities to better understand their impact. So, within minutes of using Tangerine I immediately fell in love with the habit tracking element of it. And the app design is just beautiful, by far the most cozy and comforting habit tracking app I’ve seen. As for the mood and activity tracking, I would like some more options of feelings and activities (maybe a way to write my own). I’m going to extend my free subscription but keep it on the monthly level for a month or two so I can see how it works with my life on a long term basis (I have a history of getting overwhelmed by tracker apps so we’ll see). Overall I am feeling supported, cared for, and encouraged by this app; I feel like my self care and feelings can be “at home” in Tangerine. I do hope this app gets more exposure so they can develop more features!

- jonesmcdonald

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