Telescope: AI-powered Web Clipper

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Industries: Education, Business, Content Creators

A knowledge base driven by AI that can summarize papers and websites, transcribe videos, and accelerate information discovery by 10x.
You may save information, ask questions, and find answers from your documents, favorite websites, and videos using an AI-powered Knowledge Base and Natural Language Search. When compared to traditional search, a telescope speeds up knowledge discovery ten times. Period.

For the modern era of artificial intelligence, Telescope is the wiser search tool.

With the aid of cutting-edge natural language models, like BERT, Telescope quickly and accurately extracts answer snippets from all of your data sources, including photographs, files, documents, cloud applications, favorite websites, and videos. videos included.

These functionalities are supported:

1. Transcribing and text-searching while watching your videos Have you ever had to sit through a long, boring film just to find those fleeting bits of knowledge? By using Telescope, you may quickly and easily consume summaries of the transcripts as well as transcripts of the videos. This is known as “kick-starting” the experience.

2. Do you have to read extensive and difficult paperwork and files? That activity is tedious. TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) summaries are easily produced by Telescope and are available for immediate consumption. That’s a significant time-saving right there.

3. Telescope converts your photographs into searchable text files using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, which makes sense of and indexes all the data in your images.

4. Excerpts of responses (similar to Google answer box, aka Featured Snippets)

5. Natural Language Search: You can converse with an artificial intelligence assistant or buddy in the same way as you would while asking a question (such as Alexa or Google Assistant)

6. Telescope’s voice search feature allows you to ask questions to search through your documents and online sites. Completely hands-free access to the information you seek

7. Multiple file uploads from a website: Telescope is made to take advantage of online chance. It instantly recognizes files in a variety of formats that are present on a website you are browsing and enables you to save them to your Telescope account with just one click. In the future, without having to recall or go to the website, you can search and ask questions on these files.

8. File Uploads: Users can upload files (supported file types include PDF, DOCX, XLS, TXT, and RTF) and obtain answers to all their questions using our Natural Language Search or by utilizing keywords similar to how you would search in Google.

9. Telescope makes it straightforward to look through videos and find information. It automatically transcripts films and stores text so you can search for specific information quickly. You may even ask questions and locate what you’re looking for.

10. Invite Team Members: Establish a Knowledge Base for Your Team and Invite Team Members to Contribute, Collaborate, and Search Across Your Team’s Shared Content (Coming Soon). The best way to foster loyalty, ownership, and trust within your team is to democratically distribute knowledge.

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* Some frequent usage cases are:
1. Sales – Have you ever had to hastily look through product manuals, release notes, or marketing materials to find a piece of information while on a Zoom or Webex call with a customer? We hear you… With Telescope, you can now store web pages or papers as you come across them and get answers to all of your customer’s inquiries while you’re on the phone, all without having to strain your eyes or frantically search for paperwork. Make a good impression and negotiate transactions with assurance.

2. Customer Success – Don’t you think that not every customer question is answered in the FAQs? Since your whole product/service and support documentation is immediately converted into a searchable knowledge base, you no longer have to worry about not being able to locate answers to customer questions in preset FAQs. Open the Telescope extension, enter the customer question, and you’ll receive an instant response. That’s a simple method for raising your CSAT score, I suppose.

3. School Projects & Academic Research: Telescope makes it incredibly simple to preserve all the publications, web pages, and files for later reference and enables shared consumption of ideas and information. This is true for both individual academic research and team-based projects.

4. Human Resources (HR): Ensure that your personnel always has access to employee onboarding materials and frequently asked questions. It is crucial for a successful onboarding process and everyone’s productivity that employees have easy access to workplace knowledge when they do not already have ready access to competent coworkers.

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