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Those who practice gratitude have a greater propensity to report higher levels of happiness and a sense of fulfillment. In point of fact, previous research has demonstrated that individuals who participated in a gratitude journaling exercise for as little as one week, recording and discussing the things for which they were thankful each night, ended up being significantly happier six months later.

The 3 Good Things app is an easy-to-use online gratitude notebook that allows you to write down three things that have gone well or have made you happy each day. The software was designed to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. You will eventually be able to go back over your entries and reminisce about the happy times in your life as more time passes.

The 3 Good Things app also enables users to form groups with their friends, families, or coworkers, enabling all members of the group to contribute their own positive experiences.

Let’s maintain our attention on the bright side of things. Together.

The Workings of It
The goal of the exercise known as “The Three Good Things” is to make it a daily habit to reflect on and record three positive aspects of the previous day.

When you’ve finished setting up your account, you’ll have the ability to add that entry once a day.

You will also have the ability to join groups with your family and friends. You will be able to view the 3 Good Things that they put down, as will they be able to view the 3 Good Things that you write down. (You always have the option to make a post private if you don’t want other people to see it.)

You have the option of setting a time to be prompted through email or text message each day to log in and complete your post. This is useful if you prefer a more subtle prod. Make an effort to carry it out daily. The key to success is consistency!

Get Started
Who is the Maker of This?
The 3 Good Things is a Community Project that was created by CrossComm, an app development firm located in Durham, North Carolina, with the support of Jon Nicolla, Fred Friedman, Michala Ritz, and Dr. Arif Kamal from Duke University. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we resolved to do everything we could to ensure that everyone had a method by which they could record, consider, and discuss the positive aspects of life in the midst of adversity.

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Three Good Things reviews

My first experience was in contacting the owners of this app b/c I only rarely got the "share" button on my entries. My message was answered requesting more information within minutes. The info was provided and I got a response within a day or two. However, at some point, I mistakenly deleted the app and had to re-install it. I always get the "share" button now! I LOVE this app and the owners of it, and I appreciate being asked to look over my day and find 3 good things, each & every day!

- Roberta Cook

Most people don't know I struggle with ADHD, GAD, and depression. This simple app however inconsistently I've been using it, has been keeping me tethered to hope and is changing my focus, little by little. I go through a lot of apps. I'll keep this one for as long as it's maintained. And if it ever stops running, it's taught me how to keep the practice going.

- Tina Marie Kauffman

Love this app! Haven't had it very long but I love the simplicity and how you don't have to put in ANY personal info! The only thing I would think of changing is having the option to change the background color, but it's not big enough a deal to make me stop using this app! It's easy, free, simple, and wonderful. Would highly recommend!!

- Naomi VanDyne

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