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TTS Reader combines reading books aloud, text-to-speech reading, reading aloud, and voice reading.
The TTS engine of your choice should be used to read aloud any book format:

Based on Librera Book Reader Professional, TTS Reader is a cutting-edge, highly customizable, and potent program that is comparable to Balabolka and @Voice Aloud Reader, Text to Voice.

Functionality for Text-To-Speech
Playback controls are intuitive and simple to use.
Lock-screen notification and status-bar notification with controls
While your screen is off, listen to books in the background.
Use the Text To Speech (TTS) engine of your choice.
the loudness, pitch, and pace
Delete any unnecessary symbols (customizable)
pick up where you left off reading (sentence-wise)
Adjustable-length expressive pauses at punctuation markers
Remote bookmarks (accessed through the start/stop buttons on your headset)
In order to start reading, double-tap any page.
compatibility and management of Bluetooth headsets
WAV files for books to be saved
TTS Reader can read aloud web pages that you share with it.
Set a timer to end the aloud reading at a particular interval.
Allow.txt files using @Voice RegEx (beta)
Voice Text

reads books
Make a library by looking for documents in formats like EPUB, FB2, PDF, etc.
Book searches that have been filtered: by author, series, genre, etc.
Sorting of books on display, including by size, series, category, and authors.
Manager of internal files
documents that have recently been read (Recent)
your preferred book lists (Favorites)
All book formats allow for the addition of notes and bookmarks.
Text, titles, italics, and other typefaces can all be customized.
dictionary searches in local and online
Multiple-word searching and bookmarking
Obtain any zip-archived book (epub, fb2, mobi, pdf)
desktop gadget
converting an ebook to mp3

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TTS Reader – reads aloud books reviews

Unparalleled TTS file reader on the play store. Very customizable. The replacements function is great for when the engine doesn't recognize a place, name, etc. I find myself troubleshooting slow/non-functional TTS about once a month. It's usually an update that occured while using the TTS, solved by force stopping, clearing data, etc., or I just un- and reinstall the TTS engine (Google for me).

- Jordan Lang

This app is extremely good. It may not include it's own TTS voices however you can choose whatever you want to use, even install a separate app to add more voices instead of default. There are tons of ways to customize the app and the ads are minimal. I use an old version of IVONA and these paired together work incredible.

- Chad Pauley

Pretty good app. Ive been using it for a few months now, and I am unaware of a better free app like this one. The only issues I have are 1) when occasionally opening up new books. For some reason, the app seems to have the habit of opening up a previous book read.... which requires me to attempt reopening the new book several times. This can be quite frustrating at times. And 2) when I pause and play, or add a bookmark/highlight (which are great features) the app glitches and closes down.

- Michael Reed

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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