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A test-preparation application called USATestPrep offers educational resources and individualized learning for K–12 schools in order to assist teachers in the classroom. USATestPrep functions as a classroom assistant to help teachers with improving student performance to meet state and federal standards. Its features include district reporting, custom assessments, performance monitoring, educational resources, test prep questions, and more.

USATestPrep, a study aid created especially for teachers, makes it easy for students to pursue independent learning both in and out of the classroom while also assisting teachers in keeping tabs on their performance and progress. Teachers, department heads, and district administrators can use the acquired data to conduct an in-depth examination of specific students, classes, or districts using USATestPrep’s custom benchmark exams and assessments feature, which enables users to provide feedback on each student’s performance.

State-aligned educational resources are integrated into the USATestPrep user interface, including a video vault with comprehension questions, games, vocabulary worksheets, interactive puzzles, vocab flashcards, printable worksheets, and more. A class scoreboard aims to promote participation and boost motivation. With over 150,000 practice test questions that can be combined to create unique quizzes and assessments, the learning suite also offers more specialized exam preparation tests.

USATestPrep’s student performance tracking features, which include progress reports, a data-grid view to identify strengths and weaknesses, personalized learning routes with scheduled tests, and more, can be used to assess performance.

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$3350 per year
They are challenged by some questions but the hints help them and they love that partThis is a paid program, so I was disappointed by this fact
They are so ready for the testing in the spring that they tell me how easy the Milestones is for themWhen the website crashes, it throws the routine off
The customer service is greatIt doesn't happen often, but it sometimes has caused problems
It puts the responsibility back on the kids for practice and shows them their progress and how then can practice the materialNot unlike three actual EOC tests, these practice tests are poorly worded, difficulties to read, and rather low equality.
Ease of use for students makes for seamless classroom use-
I love that I have a tool that allows students to visually see their progress via the dot ranks.-

USATestprep reviews

I like that the curriculum is rigorous and straight to the point. My students can work on targeted areas of weakness and strength so that I can give them work that they need. Each student can have a login and not worry about being singled out for needing to work on a lower area. The tests are also awesome for setting of assessments that are preparing them for the end of the year.

- Kelly B.

I have been able to prepare students for standardized tests, raising scores significantly. I can also document how students are progressing on individual standards using differention.

- Amy T.

My favorite aspect is the ability to automatically assign each student practice based on his or her lowest area on a test. I do this after a pretest so that students are able to practice exactly what they need before the post test. I dislike that one teacher can turn the arcade off for the entire site. I know when I am gone and a sub has my class, I like to turn the arcade off. But that means I am turning it off for another teacher's class.

- Heather B.

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