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Vmaker is an advanced video-making tool that can record your screen, webcam, voice, and internal audio. It’s effective for making explainer videos, product demos, B-roll footage & how-to videos without having to spend a lot of time or money on production. It’s a perfect tool for marketers, L&D professionals, and content creators. As videos become a more essential part of your daily communication, and a source for connecting with your audience, Vmaker makes recording, editing & sharing video content hassle-free.

How can Vmaker & Animaker help you create engaging video content?

Animated videos are in demand, and they’re great for making engaging videos. When you pair them with another video recording, you can add more personalization to it – like a personalized video message introduction. You can do this with Vmaker because Vmaker comes from the house of Animaker, an animation video tool used by 10 million users globally. They are similar in the overall look and feel, so it’s easy for you to switch between tools without getting confused.

Here are some ideas of how this combination can be useful for creating superb content –

– Create product demo video on Vmaker and add animation elements with Animaker

– Make your tutorial videos more interesting by adding animated characters using Animaker

– Create a quirky animated introduction to a screen recorded message

– Merge your animated clips in Vmaker, add your voice commentary, music, additional videos too, to make interactive movies

– Record your steps on how to create characters, GIFs, video ads on Animaker and teach others how to do it

So, if you always wanted to merge animation with screen and video recordings, here’s how you can do it with Vmaker and Animaker

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$84 billed yearly
$120 billed yearly
Vmaker is a great communication tool with a bright future ahead of itIt is currently available only for mac as a stand alone application
The Mac app is also a nice bonus for any Mac user even so that I am not oneI think it can only cut off front and ending part of the video
That being said, I am more than happy with my chrome extension as it works fine for what I use it forI believe that it did not work for me one time as I've said before, when I lost five minutes of recording time
This is very good and pocket friendly productThe only problem with Vmaker is that you can't record just a window on your second monitor
Amazing software to create educational and YouTube videos."When you have two monitors, your second monitor only allows full-screen recording."


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Vmaker reviews

The quality of the output once you finish recording is top-notch. Very intuitive and made it a breeze for me to do quick videos for clients and was easy to share to them across multiple mediums.

- Edna H. Managing Partner

I record my screen with a simple and intuitive interface that avoids many errors.

- Laurent B. CEO

I use Vmaker to create creative briefs for my designers and animators. It's easier to show reference on my screen while I can record my face explaining what I need in the creative. This is 100x simpler than typing the creative briefs, adding screenshots and giving references.

- Bhanu R. TV Producer

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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