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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Productivity, Business


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Most popular feedback for 5pm

I have looked at dozens of project mgt tools to manage my editorial team, business development team, manage tasks and projects and have found none better than 5pm. It strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and necessary functionality.

Ross B.

About 5pm

5pm is a powerful project & task management tool with an intuitive interface everything within a click or two! Keep track of your projects and tasks, share notes and files with team and clients all in one secure location. Customizable interface, powerful Timeline view, Reports, integrations with other products you will find it easy to start using it, yet it packs much more under the hood. Available in 26 languages and helping clients around the world for over 11 years!

Most popular feedback for Projectworks

I use project works as a staff member of a medium-sized consulting organisation. I can use the functions to manage my projects, including resourcing and budget - which I would use on a regular basis, as well as my time spent working on other projects, and weekly billing to the organisation. I generally find it fluid and easy to interact with.

Randi W.

About Projectworks

With Projectworks' cloud-based workforce management platform, you unlock the potential of becoming more profitable. Our unique features sets allow you to accurately forecast revenue, providing you with the visibility to reduce risk, manage cash flow, and stay on budget. Perfect for consultancies, architecture firms and engineering firms. Our unique feature sets fit seamlessly into the way you operate. Experience Projectworks for yourself. Start your free trial today!

5pm reviews

I knew about 5pm when I started my own business three years ago because I'd used it at my previous job, and for both businesses, I've found it a lifesaver. It makes scheduling, keeping up with jobs, and keeping in touch with the people assigned to jobs easy and even pleasant.

- Jane R. Owner

For a simple project management tool that is online, always visible and great for tracking use 5pm. When our project went from a development stage to a maintenance stage I switched from an expensive PM tool to 5pm and have been very happy.

- Lora Z. Executive Director

The way the time-tracking widget always disappears from my icon tray. I'd think it was a problem with my computer, but others I know who use 5pm have reported the same issue.

- Jane R. Business Owner

Projectworks reviews

I really enjoy using it, the UI is very easy to get used to. Excellent program/software to help with operational and project management. I am excited to see what other features are coming up!

- Mia U. Business Manager

1. The ongoing personalised support. This made the implementation process run very smoothly. Also, it has meant that any issues that arose after transition have been dealt with quickly and in-person (via video call). 2. The intuitiveness of Projectworks features. Very easy to use. 3. The openness to feedback and the resulting continuous improvement of the software.

- Natalie N. Finance Manager

it's not as "all-in-one" in terms of CRM as our previous software was, so we had to find other ways of managing that, but overall the streamlined nature of ProjectWorks makes it a lot easier for the everyday user to navigate and we have seen that reflected in the take-up of ProjectWorks by all members of our team.

- Meg B. Studio Designer

Pros & cons


She puts my tasks in there and I am able to see them right away
This is a great tool for my profession
It allows me to track my time spent on a project, log progress, add details and watch the progress of my work
It's also super handy to have a living to-do list that isn't just in my planner
I knew about 5pm when I started my own business three years ago because I'd used it at my previous job, and for both businesses, I've found it a lifesaver
Simple to use, especially adding tasks with deadlines via email
Percentage tracker makes checking progress fast."
I have a hard time finding my tasks (completed or not) in the system
Sometimes I need to see notes/context on a task/project regardless if it's mine or not
It's difficult to find fings that are completed and our team all uses the system to vary degrees which makes it difficult to know where to know to look for notes, status, etc
Some technical glitches do happen, the most annoying is when a project deletes on it's own or we can't really decipher how that happens
The only feature that I have any problem with, is the Timeline feature."


I love using ProjectWorks, it is hands down the best project management tool I have used
From initial involvement through to rollout, [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has been great in demonstrating Projectworks capabilities and uses within our business
Great project management tool, great experience
Great experience and a great team to work with."
Don't automatically update / record annual leave balances of staff
Here is a suggestion, maybe if somebody has been given 20 hours on a certain project a warning could show up if the user is going over the amount of time given
Dont know how to do that though
Missing mobile app with start stop time tracking, easier entry of repetitive tasks (no auto suggestions)
No Outlook read my calendar translate to timesheet as draft, with AI module
Accidentally entering a time logging against the wrong code can be a pain to rectify."

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