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ABBYY FineReader PDF

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PDF Studio

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ABBYY FineReader PDF reviews

FineReader PDF scanned and OCRed large technical documents with tables and fine print. It was a great surprise to see it recommend using a higher resolution scan in some cases. The higher resolution worked well. I used the "reverse even pages" option and it automatically re-orded scanned pages properly.

- Grafton K. Flight Software Engineer

This software is incredible. I needed a way to scan documents from languages not in the FineReader database. This software provided the simple tools to select all characters in a new language. I work with native languages in the remote areas of Honduras and Nicaragua. There are no tools for scanning in Miskitu. There are many things printed, but the character set contains elements that are not in standard languages, such as Spanish. This software enables me to choose the language name and then select its character element base. When the software reads the scanned sheet it always picks up the correct elements and I have a copy in Word that can be edited.

- Dennis W. Self Employed

I like the OCR and all functions included in this product. I appreciated the easier use and the immediate work with it. I can suggest acquiring it to work easily and speed.

- Vincenzo O. Dirigente

PDF Studio reviews

It provides all pdf functions at minimal cost and compatible to all pdf standards and can be used in all OS.

- Manish G. Engineering Officer

Easy to edit a pdf, do everything I did with Acrobat Pro without a problem. Very fast and include a lot of functionality, maybe more than Adobe.

- Mayank S. Associate Director of Planning & Analytics

The best thing about Qoppa PDF studio is that it offers a one-time purchase/perpetual license and all of the functionality that is anticipated from a pdf editor.

- Surya P. Founder, Director, CEO

Pros & cons

ABBYY FineReader PDF

Cons"The main drawback of ABBYY FineReader is the inability to view the history of document changes in your account
The second minus is that there is no tool for merging several files into one
The preview does not work, there is no tool to merge several files into one, often manual editing is required
ABBYY FineReader is much inferior to Adobe Acrobat Pro
We use this tool for scanning hard copies of surveys, questionnaires, CVs and all kinds of standard documents such as contracts."

Pros"I like the fact that developers monitor their product: they constantly fix bugs, add new useful features and modify old ones
The product is just nice to use
I love that this tool lets me convert reams of printed docs into softcopies that I can save and save in my PC
It also allows you to export to multiple file formats in addition to Microsoft Word
What I like most about this software is the amount of time we save by using it
Best OCR reader for translators of complicated documents."

PDF Studio

All the features that should be present in a professional pdf software application are there
The customer support is top notch just like the software
Friendly user, the best alternative to Acrobat DS
It simplifies the work and the results are amazing
Best PDF Editor & Converter with perpetual license
The best thing about Qoppa PDF studio is that it comes with one time purchase/perpetual license and it provides all the features which are expected of a pdf editor."

I questioned this with Qoppa and was told this was a deliberate decision on their part
This is imho a stupid strategy because I became wholly turned off the company even though I liked the product
It works on Linux - no other package comes close on Linux and Adobe no longer support Linux
It's not that important, but the program's environment is ugly, the colors are gray and it makes it look like an outdated old program ..
the truth is that it's visually unattractive
I have never encountered any serious problems with PDF Studio and never wanted to do something that this editor couldn't do."

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