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ABBYY FineReader PDF reviews

FineReader PDF scanned and OCRed large technical documents with tables and fine print. It was a great surprise to see it recommend using a higher resolution scan in some cases. The higher resolution worked well. I used the "reverse even pages" option and it automatically re-orded scanned pages properly.

- Grafton K. Flight Software Engineer

This software is incredible. I needed a way to scan documents from languages not in the FineReader database. This software provided the simple tools to select all characters in a new language. I work with native languages in the remote areas of Honduras and Nicaragua. There are no tools for scanning in Miskitu. There are many things printed, but the character set contains elements that are not in standard languages, such as Spanish. This software enables me to choose the language name and then select its character element base. When the software reads the scanned sheet it always picks up the correct elements and I have a copy in Word that can be edited.

- Dennis W. Self Employed

I like the OCR and all functions included in this product. I appreciated the easier use and the immediate work with it. I can suggest acquiring it to work easily and speed.

- Vincenzo O. Dirigente

PrizmDoc reviews

I really like working with PrizmDoc Viewer because you have the option of deciding who enters or not to modify a certain file. It also has multiple formats that allow you to access any type of information, in this way there is no need to download multiple tools to open the files since you can do it all with PrizmDoc Viewer. I also like that you can make modifications to your files, which other tools don't allow, and save them safely and quickly. With the search function it is much faster to find what you are looking for in the text and you do not have to go page by page.

- Jhing G. Administration and Finance Manager

PrizmDoc has helped me a lot in processing my PDF documents now I can easily extract the information through these file and also it is very easy for me to edit the files because previously I have to convert them in word mode and then I was editing it. Now I am at ease in terms of image extraction. Further I am better handling the various receipts for example OCR, ICR, OMR.

- Paul C. SQL Developer/Data Analyst

One of the things I enjoy the most about using PrizmDoc Viewer is the multiple features that it offers. With this tool you can integrate the tasks of your organization and do them in a faster and more agile way. I really like being able to make documents, reports, generate images or digital content, and be able to share it with the entire work team, since it has a cloud service that allows everyone to have access at any time. Not to mention that it supports multiple formats without generating any errors, and it does it quickly.


Pros & cons

ABBYY FineReader PDF

Cons"The main drawback of ABBYY FineReader is the inability to view the history of document changes in your account
The second minus is that there is no tool for merging several files into one
The preview does not work, there is no tool to merge several files into one, often manual editing is required
ABBYY FineReader is much inferior to Adobe Acrobat Pro
We use this tool for scanning hard copies of surveys, questionnaires, CVs and all kinds of standard documents such as contracts."

Pros"I like the fact that developers monitor their product: they constantly fix bugs, add new useful features and modify old ones
The product is just nice to use
I love that this tool lets me convert reams of printed docs into softcopies that I can save and save in my PC
It also allows you to export to multiple file formats in addition to Microsoft Word
What I like most about this software is the amount of time we save by using it
Best OCR reader for translators of complicated documents."


You can view multiple file types in a variety of file formats
Mainly supports Microsoft docs such as Excel,PPT,Word Doc files
This is an Html viewer that helps to view files over web apps

This is a standard interface so I do not find any dislike
I started using it on the mobile device, it was a bit confusing to manage all its functions.For the experienced user or any operator with basic knowledge on other same products or other similar tools with the same usage.

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